FIT Solutions announces its Supply Chain Finance Service in the Turkish finance sector

FIT Solutions continues to be the leading solution partner within the launch of its e-Transformation service for Turkish corporations. FIT’s latest e-Finance Supplier Finance solution provides services to 70% of the top 2000 corporations in Turkey and delivers a revolutionary solution for corporations that experience difficulties in collection payments and therefore managing their own working capital.

No more waiting for the due date for the collections!

The due dates for the payments of the invoices within the current market conditions can be various such as 30, 60 and 90 days. The corporations, due to late interest, require working capital solutions, in order fulfil their operating expenses, to ensure the financing they require for new orders and to strengthen relations with the customers.

e-Finance is a FIT Solutions Supplier Financing Platform which steps in the situations where the corporations are required to collect their receivables earlier in order to make their payments regularly and on time, ensuring that the e-Invoices sent by the corporations are to be alienated prior to the due dates with the advantageous interest rates of the customers.

The e-Invoice customers, urgently requiring a certain amount of cash, is able to provide it by applying an earlier e-Invoice payment date without obtaining loan or borrowing. The alienation quantity of the e-Invoices, the remaining amounts and the value thereof can be viewed and managed on the e-Finance Supplier Financing Platform.

FIT Solutions e-Invoice Cloud Platform in where the e-Invoices are displayed, is renewed in a way to establish a connection among the e-Finance Supplier Financing Platform and the financing corporations, customers and to alienate the requested e-Invoice.

No longer dependant on the bank loan

Thanks to the e-Finance, the burden to obtain bank loans for the required amounts and repayment with high interest rates is eliminated. e-Invoices are ensured to be provided prior to the due dates with the advantageous interest rates due to the credibility of the customers.

You do not need to wait for the loan application duration, delays of the official documents in approval process or the paperwork for the payments you urgently require.

FIT Solutions’ new service enables you to realize the offer transactions and receive payments as the soonest time possible by bringing you and the financing corporations together.

About FIT Solutions

FIT Solutions, established in 1999, is the leading e-Transformation providers and most preferred corporation for nourishing the relations of the corporations with the government and transforming the business processes of the corporations to digital age.

FIT Solutions provides solutions which enhance the work efficiency and facilitate cost and time management in coordinating processes such as ‘e-Invoice, ‘e-Archive’, ‘e-Ledger’, ‘e-Audit’, ‘e-Ticket’, ‘e-Signature’, ‘KEP (Registered Mail)’, ‘e-Reconciliation’ and ‘e-Back up’. FIT Solutions, closely follows the global trends through its R&D centre, shaping the development of the corporate software and integration services market in Turkey.



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