First Mexico CFDI 3.3 change begins with Foreign Trade Transaction update due July 1st

The SAT (Mexican tax authority) has announced a new transaction requirement that could affect your e-invoicing process. The new requirement specifically addresses “Exportaciones Definitivas Clave A1,” or foreign trade transactions, which the SAT defines as final exports. The SAT will mandate that all companies incorporate a new “complemento” (additional information) for foreign trade CFDIs starting in July.

If your company creates foreign trade CFDI’s, the SAT will begin enforcing this mandate by July 1st, 2016. You can learn more via this link on the Mexico SAT website.

Below are some ways this new update will impact companies with operation in Mexico:

  • Companies will need to update their billing process extracts to include this new data
  • For companies not using a solution like Invoiceware International, this means new SAP support packs and regression testing on the global infrastructure
  • For Invoiceware International clients, this is just part of our standard Compliance as A Service updates

This is just the first move in the Mexico SAT strengthening their requirements and the first wave of 3.3 CFDI changes. It has been a number of years since Mexico had a major change to their XML schema and we expect to see continued enhancements to track foreign invoices, e-accounting accuracies, and adding additional calculations and data elements for in-country VAT invoices.

Contact Invoiceware International to learn more about this new requirement and other impending 3.3 upgrades that will impact your ERP system.

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