First-ever live tax-free e-invoice transaction in Turkey

The first ever live environment tax-free e-invoice has been successfully issued via eFinans e-invoicing SaaS. The transaction was a live test with the valuable participations of; eFinans’s esteemed client Turkish retail giant Eren Perakende, worldwide tax-free expert Global Blue, supported by the Revenue Administration and the Ministry of Customs and Trade‘s newly developed e-invoice infrastructure integrations.

This first-ever tax-free e-invoice in Turkey was issued at a Lacoste brand store in Istanbul and has travelled from the cash register device sequentially to eFinans e-invoice SaaS, Revenue Administration e-invoice central, Customs single window and thus on to the screen of the customs officer at the Istanbul Atatürk Airport.

Approved by the customs officer, the e-invoice’s response message instantly travelled the same flow back  to the retail giant and simultaneously to the tax-free agency Global Blue (also in integration with eFinans) which safely approved the tax payment return to the happy traveller, leaving Turkey with hassle-free shopping experience and a smile.

Tax-free invoices issued by e-invoice users are obliged to be issued as e-Invoice as of 01/07/2017 and voluntarily between 01/01/2017 and 30/06/2017. eFinans will be offering its 10-year 100% compliant storing service to all Global Blue customers, as it has offered to all its customers with no exception, since its establishment.


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