TIE Kinetix introduces FLOW: a single platform to automate all inbound and outbound orders, invoices and other B2B documents

TIE Kinetix introduces FLOW. FLOW provides a natural brand extension and a seamless user experience in the indirect sales channel. This will strongly accelerate channel sales by automating and optimizing marketing, sales and delivery processes. Demonstrable results are higher revenue and increased process speed between channel partners. A reduction of complexity in the supply chain will result in efficiency improvements. The new platform is the result of 30 years of experience, facilitating 3.500 customers and 30.000 partner integrations worldwide and defines a new standard in partner automation.

Supply side processes heavily depend on process optimization with reliable tools. As a best practice, A report by Andrew Bartels from Forrester¹ suggests asking your team these two questions: “1) Where and how do we want to connect with our counterparties to resolve issues, streamline the flow of relevant business documents and data, and align our processes and 2) which business network or networks will provide the best framework to achieve these goals?” FLOW is designed to easily answer these questions and remove boundaries and blockers. Trading partners can be added with only one click. With FLOW, internal teams have a single platform that automates all inbound and outbound orders, invoices and other B2B documents across the supply chain. This ensures cost savings and high velocity due to data accuracy, security and business process automation.

Demand side processes strongly depend on the availability of channel partners for the success of a go-to-market strategy. Lack of focus and limited time or resources with channel partners are a serious threat to the success of any go-to-market strategy. With FLOW, automating content, campaigns and marketing tactics across partner channels improves brand control, facilitates lead management and improves sales conversion. In another Forrester report², author Tim Harmon points out a growing trend, “Most channel-oriented marketers’ current marketing technology stacks and future road maps are begging for an enterprise architecture design methodology.” FLOW is designed to fill this gap with a single integrated sales and marketing command center for the partner community. With an easy to use self-service process, the channel partners can subscribe themselves to all content, campaigns and programs.

Jan Sundelin, CEO of TIE Kinetix shares, “This is the next evolution of supply chain and channel solutions. The market has many single point solutions, but lacks one overarching platform where marketing, sales and fulfillment actions throughout the supply chain can be controlled and monitored.” He continues, “FLOW is the result of our customers asking for better a better way to work with their partners and that’s exactly what we have delivered.”

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