Datacert delivers best-in-class legal spend and matter management solutions to law departments around the world. These applications leverage the power of Passport®, Datacert’s patent-pending technology platform, to provide clients with a comprehensive view of their global matter portfolios, including spend, financial and business risks, legal department workload, outside counsel use, and matter status. Datacert has over 7 years of experience serving the EMEA market and has been recognized by Hyperion Research, the leading analyst firm focused on legal technology and operations, as the "Market Leader" for international capabilities. With offices in London, Paris, Frankfurt, and Basel, Datacert is the only vendor that truly understands and has developed solutions that support the unique regulatory and regional requirements of this market. This includes the only solution that has been certified by third parties to fully support VAT (or country-specific equivalent, such as TVA, MOMS, GST, etc.) compliance, as well as support for data privacy, languages, multi-currency, regional hosting, and localised user experience. In addition, Datacert is the only vendor in our market that has multi-lingual relationship management, implementation, and support staff "on the ground" in Europe who have spent years establishing solid relationships with key local law firms, legal vendors, and tax experts.


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October 2012

  1. Datacert’s Passport GRC makes short work of inefficiencies

    Datacert has very recently announced the launch of Passport GRC. It’s a comprehensive framework to support sustainable, proactive, and defensible management of company’s broad governance, risk, and compliance programs.

  2. Datacert’s Passport goes mobile

    Isn’t it annoying how some companies always try to take the easy way out? Not Datacert, because the provider of legal management solutions has announced the new release of Passport, a dynamic and rich user interface that has been carefully designed and optimised for the smaller screens of tablets and mobile phones.

September 2012

  1. Catlin US fosters growth with Datacert’s Passport

    Did you know that law departments can also get their hands on a Passport? Datacert’s patent-pending Passport system that is. Specialty insurance and reinsurance underwriter Catlin US has cut the knot by implementing Passport’s matter management and legal spend management applications.

August 2012

  1. Datacert and eBillingHub create one-stop shop for law firms

    The legal e-billing market is complicated business, according to both eBillingHub and Datacert. Law firms often struggle with the challenge of managing electronic invoice submissions across an ever-widening range of vendors. Enough reason for eBillingHub and Datacert to team up. The idea is to improve the e-billing experience for their joint law firm clients.

July 2012

  1. Another Datacert white paper: e-billing in Europe and the impact of VAT

    Corporate legal departments outside the EU find themselves challenged to keep track of all the requirements and regulations within all the different European borders. You can stop worrying, because this Datacert white paper provides an overview of the value added tax (VAT) systems and legal requirements in the EU.

  2. Two Datacert white papers: EU (e-)billing rules and regulations

    The first Datacert white paper provides an overview of worldwide data privacy laws and discusses implications for global legal departments. The second offers practical advice for implementing legal e-billing in the EU.

June 2012

  1. Datacert is EEI Platform’s latest member

    We hereby present you Datacert, E-invoicing Platform’s newest addition. The organisation provides legal software solutions with offices in the US, Europe and India. We hope the partnership between Datacert and EEI Platform will enable both parties to get closer to their shared goals; namely the development and adoption of e-invoicing and invoice automation.