Electronic invoicing in Kazakhstan as from July 2014

Late 2011 we already wrote about e-invoicing in Kazakhstan. At that time the Deputy Chairman of the Tax Committee Argyn Kipshakov said that Kazakhstan was to switch to electronic invoicing as from 1 July 2012. But that has been postponed to July 2014. As from October 2013 a pilot mode with electronic invoices is planned with taxpayers that have voluntary expressed the desire to start with einvoicing.

According to Tax Committee in Kazakhstan, ensuring comprehensive control of reflection with individuals of the income and identification of the persons who are evading paying taxes, is complicated as the declaration on the income and data on property are submitted by only 3.8% part of the population of Kazakhstan. Perhaps they’d better start with upgrading that percentage before thinking of introducing online billing.

Source: http://www.bnews.kz/en/news/post/159438/


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