Electronic Invoice Management: Getting Rid of Paper from the Source

PayStream has developed this Technology Insight Series report “Electronic Invoice Management: Getting Rid of Paper from the Source” to provide an overview of the electronic invoicing landscape and address the following questions generally asked by finance managers:

  • What challenges are organizations facing when it comes to manual invoice and payment management processes?
  • What factors are driving the migration from paper invoices to electronic methods? What benefits does eInvoicing deliver?
  • In spite of the widespread availability of eInvoicing solutions and their tangible benefits, why are more than half of all B2B invoices traded in paper format?
  • What barriers are hindering further adoption of eInvoicing and how can they be overcome?
  • What related developments in the procure-to-pay space are impacting the growth of electronic invoicing? Where does eInvoicing fit in a broader P2P automation roadmap?
  • What are the functional components of an eInvoicing solution? Who are the key players in this space? What solution functionality is available from these technology vendors?
  • What are some of the best practices innovator companies are following in order to streamline their invoice and payment management processes?
    Read the entire report here

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