Electronic billing practices increase accountability for healthcare professionals

February 16, 2012  |  Electronic Invoicing, North America, Payment

E-billing and healthcare has been discussed here before. And now we have yet another story to share with you.

It is quickly becoming generally accepted that shifting to medical billing software can increase cost efficiency and productivity. However, electronic medical billing software can also act as an important security function. Why? Because it allows practitioners to audit that all practitionars use compliant, ethical principles to receive compensation for services. In short: getting things paid.

Juan Domingo and the fraud with false billing methods

Quite recently Florida internist Dr. Juan Domingo educating himself on the company’s updated electronic medical records system. During his ‘education’ he noticed the practice was using false billing methods.

After Domingo first noticed the suspicious activity in 2009, it was reported that he began investigating hundreds of patient records. He found out that doctors were upcoding patient physicals to suggest a higher degree of analysis, allowing them to file for larger Medicare payouts. Domingo reportedly also discovered that former colleagues were also intentionally logging repeat patients as first-time patients, another tactic to yield higher Medicare reimbursement. Domingo was later fired after reporting these ‘glitches’.

Original source: Florida internist illustrates the security benefits of electronic billing software

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