EDICOM partners with TAXCOM to deliver its EDI ASP platform in Russia

November 17, 2014  |  Asia, Compliance, Electronic Invoicing

As part of its international expansion strategy, EDICOM has entered into an agreement with technology company TAXCOM. The partnership enables TAXCOM to distribute solutions EDICOM’s electronic data interchange solutions in service mode.

The idea is direct integration of a client companies’ management systems with the ASP platform of EDICOM, without the need for costly investments in hardware and software. Due to the partnership the applications of EDICOM and TAXCOM will be integrated in such a way, that allow for the development of e-invoicing projects in Russia for EDICOM clients located outside the country.

About E-invoicing in Russia

The Russian digital invoicing system lays down certain restrictions, requiring among other things the use of proprietary digital signature systems and the services of an authorized service provider to issue and receive electronic invoicing legally. TAXCOM is one of the largest providers of e-billing services in Russia.

This is ultimately a partnership between two of the most important companies in their respective markets, providing solutions and company or services for the benefit of a wide-ranging portfolio of clients and users both in Russia and abroad.


TAXCOM is the Russian leader in developing solutions and providing specific services that enable companies to adapt their applications in line with current tax legislation in the country. These services include, among others, the Russian tech firm’s accreditation as a Certification Authority and Authorized Electronic Billing Provider.


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  1. It’s a pleasure to inform about this milestone. The agreement with TAXCOM also opens the door to the development of electronic invoicing projects in Russia for EDICOM clients. http://www.edicomgroup.com/en_ES/news/4965