EDICOM leads European project to promote e-invoicing in public health

Public agencies throughout the European Union must be ready to work with e-invoicing by November 2018, as set forth in Directive 2014/55/EU. Of all the production sectors involved, healthcare is without a doubt the most complex due to the great diversity of products and supplies that health centres and trusts have to deal with, compounded by the priority of ensuring the smooth running of a fundamental service for administrations.

To this end, EDICOM did not hesitate to join and lead the GOVEIN project. An R+D+i initiative, driven by the European commission, to foster implementation of the European e-invoicing schema between hospitals and laboratories.

The initiative headed by EDICOM is open to healthcare suppliers and public agencies belonging to any member state. For now, and until next November, the doors are open for interested parties to submit their application to take part.

The next phase will take place between May 2017 and April 2018, when the technical side of the e-invoicing pilot project will be developed. EDICOM will set up a multi-syntax solution for each of the participants, with which they can process invoices in several standards. Of course, this platform will also comply with the specifications of EU legislation calling for guarantees of semantic interoperability throughout the European Union.

Source: http://www.edicomgroup.com/en_ES/news/8602-edicom-leads-european-project-to-promote-e-invoicing-in-public-health

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