EDICOM is now a certified provider for Slovenian B2G e-invoicing

February 20, 2015  |  Adoption, Compliance, Electronic Invoicing, Europe

As the 2015 sets in, several European countries are switching to mandatory (B2G) e-invoicing. The first of them was Slovenia. There, as of January 1, the Public Administration and its suppliers must use the Slovenian e-invoice (eRa?un) based on the eSlog XML Schema.

The Slovenian legislation allows different options for issuing e-invoices in Slovenia with the eSlog XML schema, based on international GS1 standards. However to provde the biggest advantages towards especially for SME’s, the use of accredited providers is promoted. Among them is EDICOM, which has successfully achieved the UJP certificate (list of certified providers).

The relevance of service providers for Slovenian e-invoicing

The main reason this is the most effective alternative when issuing eRa?un (e-invoice in Slovenia) is that it fully automates the procedure. Invoices are generated with the technical and legal requirements set forth by the Slovenian Administration. They are then forwarded securely to the entry and processing point. In addition, the EDICOM solution can integrate these documents with your company ERP or internal management system. This way, users can check the situation their bills are in at all times.

Edicom’s International Public Administrations HUB

Like Slovenia, many other European countries are implementing e-invoicing as a compulsory system for issuing these tax documents to public administrations. European countries such as Spain, where it has been mandatory since January 15, or Italy, which has gradually adapted to the new e-invoicing model, now use it as their method of choice to improve management and cut down on payment delays in the administration.

To this end, from EDICOM’s international e-Invoicing platform you can also work with e-invoices in compliance with the requirements of States all over the world. In addition, the EDICOM platform also links up the invoice receiving platforms with the public services of the different countries, developing connection mechanisms in the protocols required by various European governments, such as FACe in Spain, the SdI in Italy, or the Chorus Portal in France, among others.

EDICOM’s international e-invoicing solution is an ideal option for international businesses with interests in different states throughout the European continent.

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