EDICOM Expert Analysis: PCRDD – The evolution of tax compliance in Mexico. [White Paper]

Since 2014, there has been widespread massive-scale digitization in the fiscal and tax area. However, until recently the SAT portal was the only way to receive e-documents. Faced with this inexorable process, the SAT deemed it essential to create the figure of the PCRDD.

These are authorized providers, and after overcoming various technical tests they are qualified as an alternative to the SAT portal for the receipt of digital tax documents.

This means an extension of service availability, greater support in the event of any incident and the possibility of outsourcing the entire process in the hands of an official service provider who assumes the responsibility of delivery to the SAT.

Find out the main advantages of this new schema authorized by the SAT:

Download EDICOM’s White Paper here on “The figure of PCRDD in Mexico”

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