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October 2017

  1. Compliance as a Service: what is it and why has it become a trend?

    Companies shift to operating in a global environment with a broad and fragmented legislative framework, due to extensive requirements. In this scenario, compliance has become of prime importance in organizations.

  2. EDI and AS2: the digital transformation of warehouse logistics

    Thanks to the tools provided by EDICOM, large -international- companies in this sector have simplified and improved their day-to-day management.

  3. Europe achieves 75 per cent interoperability

    The report also studied the implementation of national interoperability frameworks. Spain leads the way (100%) with the National Interoperability Scheme. Next up are Denmark (88%), The Netherlands (87%) and Luxembourg (85%).

September 2017

  1. Govein initiative calls for third e-Invoicing project in the health sector

    Two approved projects started up in 2016 and the first one is already in its final phase. For the public bodies taking part, the implementations are practically ready to go live in October.

  2. Chile renews e-VAT return system

    As 99% of tax documents are now electronic, this application will generate the VAT return based on the information contained in the electronic tax documents (DTEs)

August 2017

  1. e-Invoicing becomes mandatory in Colombia as from 2019

    As from 2019 all those responsible for declaring VAT and Impoconsumo (Consumer Goods Tax) will be obliged to use this new system, according to the changes made in the latest tax reform (Law 1819 of 2016).

July 2017

  1. EDICOM News update: CFDI, SII, LATAM, EDI, Global e-invoicing and GDSN

    Including: “How does SII compare to other VAT reporting models in Europe?”, “Report shows: CFDI has enormous impact on tax evasion” and “How does SII compare to other VAT reporting models in Europe?”

  2. Long read: EDI adoption in Europe, USA, Latin America

    For some, it is an indispensable tool in the corporate arsenal; for others, a cost generator. In this post, we analyse how each implementation model has evolved.

June 2017

  1. CFDI White Paper + landing page: the e-invoicing system evolution in Mexico

    In this White Paper, EDICOM explains how CFDI has involved from the outset, its workings step-by-step, a detailed description of the structure and the benefits it provides.

  2. Free white paper on global VAT compliance: how to do your e-VAT return

    The free white paper explains how the indirect tax VAT works, how it is regulated and what its implications are both for companies and tax authorities and how to submit an electronic VAT return in each world region.