eBook: 6 Steps to e-Invoicing Succes

Written by Basware, the e-invoicing e-book is the result of extensive experience in developing and implementing e-invoicing across diverse industries, sectors and markets.

Step 1: What is e-invoicing? What is an e-invoice?

In Step 1, Basware explains what is e-invoicing (aka e-billing) and what is an e-invoice. We list the main business benefits for both suppliers and buyers. We also explain the importance of choosing the right e-invoicing network.

Step 2: Building your business case for e-invoicing

One key benefit to adopting e-invoicing is the cost savings it will bring. In Step 2 of this 6 step series, “Building the business case for e-invoicing”, we share calculations of the savings you can achieve through e-invoicing. We also outline some key considerations when building your own business case.

Step 3: Defining your e-invoicing solution requirements

In Step 3, ‘Defining your e-invoicing requirements’ we provide some useful tips in helping you to determine the direction you should take when it comes to e-invoicing solutions. Answer four simple questions to establish what it is your organization really needs – and an additional 10 questions to help really define the e-invoicing solution that is right for your business.

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