eBillingHub joins forces with BankCard Services Worldwide

eBillingHub, the leader in legal e-billing, announced to have joined forces with BankCard Services Worldwide (BCSW). BSCW is big in innovative payment solutions. The goal of the cooperation is to significantly streamline the payment process for law firms.

In practice, ClientPay (which is a payment processing solution developed by BCSW) user will be able to easily and securely make payments with just a click of a button from an eBillingHub generated PDF invoice.

Jay Bruber, CEO, BankCard Services Worldwide:
“ClientPay and eBillingHub have many law firm clients in common, and this new alliance is designed to jointly optimize the benefits gained from both solutions. Our team is dedicated to developing and delivering innovative solutions and technologies that simplify the payment process, so an alliance with eBillingHub is a natural fit. We are very excited to introduce this integration to our clients.”

Carlos Seoane, general manager of eBillingHub:
“Establishing an integration with ClientPay is yet another way in which eBillingHub can boost firm efficiency and improve satisfaction among their clients. As PDF invoices are sent through eBillingHub, clients can now make easy, instant payments, simplifying the payment process and ultimately improving cash flow for firms.”


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