e-Transformation in Turkey by figures

52,500 registered users are located in this e-platform where the Turkey Revenue Administration is located in the centre and approximately 14 million e-Invoices are issued on a monthly basis and digitalized among only the taxpayers within e-Invoice system.

The number of registered users transferred within e-Ledger application only in the year of 2016 is 9,550, which is providing a substantial advantage and benefits to 51,000 registered users.

It is anticipated that another 7,000 new taxpayers shall arrive to e-Invoice and e-Ledger applications as of January 1st 2017. This platform,growing and gaining experience with the obligatory transferring enterprises, shall proceed to expand through new regulations and grow more through the advantages it provides in the following years.

In e-Archive application, where the experiences in e-Invoice are reflected positively and smooth transitions are performed, there are a total of 4,650 registered users as one-third being volunteering.

In the e-Ticket application, where there is a total of 17 registered users in Maritime, Land and Airline Transportation, 30 millions of tickets are processed on electronic environment on a monthly basis.

A daily average of more than 300 applications are made to these tools supported by the regulation of the Revenue Administration. Thus, this is a clear indication how substantial the e-Transformation growth rate is in Turkey.


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