E-invoicing news: Striata has new Sales Manager Europe | EU e-procurement agency implements TradeShift

Keira Holland new manager for Continental Europe

Keira Holland has been named to hold the position of Sales Manager in continental Europe for Striata, a global leader in paperless communication.

Holland played an important role during the introduction of a successful invoice automation solution for DICOM (now Kofax) EMEA where she was Business Development Director, and has a wide experience in market penetration efforts for products and solutions.


“Europe provides Striata with an excellent opportunity for organic growth. In these times of continued economic uncertainty, agile organizations across Europe are looking for technology that not only provides dramatic cost savings, but that also increases customer satisfaction, loyalty and revenue-per-customer. Striata is uniquely positioned to meet these requirements and our clients and partners in this region, will appreciate the value of a dedicated resource.”
Michael Wright, CEO, Striata

“I’m so pleased to be supporting the Striata organization, which provides world class, next-generation eBilling and eMarketing solutions. These paperless solutions, delivered directly to customer inboxes, cut costs, ensure regulatory compliance and deliver more value to both organisations and customers than last-generation portal solutions. Striata’s business activities are also positive when measured by triple bottom line (social, environmental and financial impacts) standards of accounting – unlike many companies who claim to be green but are, in fact, just paying it lip service.”
Keira Holland, Sales Manager Striata

EU e-procurement agency ADETEF implements TradeShift

In order to support the Pan-European Public Procurement  OnLine (PEPPOL) project, French government agency ADETEF has set up a co-operation with TradeShift. ADETEF will now be able to use the electronic payments system designed by TradeShift.

PEPPOL has been initiated to supply services related to e-invoicing and e-procurement in the EU and works on one  shared infrastructure for all e-procurement transactions processed by EU governments.

Their departments will check in on the TradeShift platform and connect with suppliers to deal with their invoices electronically.  Suppliers can jump on for free and the connection is a time and money saver.

The first target is connecting 30,000 suppliers in the first six months the Aube county.


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