E-invoicing news: Sotreq goes Paperless, Bill.com adds features and SunGard links to Billtrust

A few weeks ago we launched our new website layout. But is wasn’t the layout that changed. It was also the geographical coverage. Before we focussed on Europe and occasionally mentioned earth shattering developments in other parts of the world.

But now we try to collect the electronic invoicing  and AP automation developments from all over the globe. Tiny as it may be, this globe has a lot of news to cover. So much in fact that we now and then combine developments into one post.

Bill.com Bolsters Customer Experience stating that ‘ebilling isn’t just for big business anymore’

Bill.com introduced new functionalities that makes sending electronic invoices and making online payments a snap. The condition is that both payer and payee are utilizing the Bill.com platform

This how it works:

  • an electronic invoice can be generated by the issuing party using Bill.com or their preferred accounting software,
  • these instantly convert into in the payer’s system along with any supporting data or attachments required; ready for review, acceptance, approvals and payment.
  • Once the electronic payment is issued, it is automatically applied to the payee’s eInvoice and to the payer’s eBill with no manual work required.

The entire process now syncs with accounting packages such as QuickBooks, Peachtree, Netsuite and Intacct.

And Bill.com claims that even if the payer and payee are on different systems, it (Bill.com) ensures that all transactions are properly documented and that data entry is entirely eliminated for both parties. Not sure how that works, though.

SunGard Links to Billtrust’s CompleteBilling

SunGard’s AvantGard Receivables, called GETPAID is now linked to the Billtrust CompleteBilling platform. This allows joint customers a more streamlined approach to there order-to-cash cycle.

In other words: a solution from invoice creation and delivery to automated credit, collections and dispute resolution to electronic invoice presentment and payment (EIPP), including auto-cash processing.

Corporations are commonly challenged by the high costs, inefficiencies and inaccuracies associated with the billing process. Connecting AvantGard GETPAID and Billtrust is claimed to help mitigate this challenge by providing linkage between their billing service (Billtrust CompleteBilling) directly into their core collections system (AvantGard GETPAID).

Heavy Hauler Sotreq Goes Paperless with Ariba

Sotreq is reseller of heavy equipment in Brazil. For many years it managed its purchase orders (POs) and invoices manually. As always the manual process led to errors and mistakes that were hampering its business and trading relationships. So reduce the human intervention in this process,  it went to a fully automated purchase-to-order process

With the solutions of Ariba, especially the Quadrem Network, Sotreq now has successfully implemented a completely paperless purchase-to-order process through which it has been able to improve its efficiency, lower transaction costs and increase customer satisfaction.

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