E-invoicing news: Microsoft Empowers Ariett’s AP Automation Solution | Welsh Counties select ProActics

December 20, 2011  |  Europe, Invoice Automation

The Ariett SAAS AP Invoice Solutions is now available on Microsoft’s Azure platform.

Ariett provides Purchase to Pay and Expense Management Solutions. And its AP Invoice Automation solution is now available in “da cloud”, combined with a subscription plan to help customers transition as easy as possible. Time for a quote:

By using Microsoft Windows Azure, Ariett’s AP Invoice Automation Solution offers our customers critical levels of scalability with low capital expenditures and operational costs,” said Glenn Brodie, president of Ariett. “Ariett AP Invoice with our Mobile Approval App for any Smartphone offers visibility to the actual electronic invoice, that can easily be accessed from anywhere in the world, to meet the demands of business approvers on the go. Ariett empowers our customers with flexible cost effective workflow solutions.

Welsh counties select ProActis for purchase to pay

ProActis announced that Wrexham, Flintshire and Denbighshire County Councils in North Wales entered into an agreement with ProActis for the delivery of an e-procurement platform. So congrats to Simon Dadswell!

Some more information:

  • Wrexham, Flintshire and Denbighshire County Councils want to get quick and significant efficiencies by sharing of project management resources
  • The three Welsh local authorities are to focus on improving financial management processes. In particular the entire lifecycle efficiency of a transaction: from an order all the way to the moment the final invoice is processed.
  • The ProActis eProcurement solution enables the three councils to pay all approved and undisputed invoices within 30 days of receipt and ensures efficiency in the purchase-to-pay cycle to free resources for frontline services.
  • ProActis is to be integrated into the finance systems.

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