E-invoicing news: GE Capital expands e-billing, Metafile and American Digital join forces

More e-invoicing news:

GE Capital announced e-billing upgrades to its Customer Online Management System (COMS)

GE Capital, Commercial Distribution Finance (CDF) today announced upgrades to the Customer Online Management System (COMS), its proprietary inventory management tool. In response to user feedback, the newest version:

  • has expanded billing capabilities, including online one-click payments and electronic billing statements that can be downloaded.
  • has enhanced search capabilities.
  • has a modern design that enables easier and faster navigation.
  • provides a self-service administration that allows customers to update access locally.
  • provides manufacturers with their most-requested enhancements.

Metafile and American Digital join forces to offer their customers hardware solutions with paperless document management capabilities

That is about the longest headline, we couldn’t shorten without losing its punch. So we’ve put in as is.

Metafile Information Systems and American Digital announced a strategic partnership to provide customers access to hardware solutions that are optimized for a paperless financial department. The solutions:

  • give customers in the healthcare industry have a one-stop access to IT hardware solutions with OCR capabilities.
  • will be easily and smoothly implemented into the organization’s ERP system and IT infrastructure without interruption.
  • will enhance the efficiency and visibility of the back-office financial processes such as Patient Billing and Accounts Payable.
  • provides management with a real-time view into the financial process, revealing cost-savings opportunities and process inefficiencies.

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