E-invoicing for Tech Data Europe with OB10

December 16, 2011  |  Adoption, Europe, Invoice Automation

OB10 225x225 E invoicing for Tech Data Europe with OB10In this arena of head-on competition OB10, One of the world’s largest technology-products distributors selected OB10 for e-Invoicing. Having rolled out EDI with some suppliers, Tech Data is taking automation further by extending electronic invoicing to its vendor partners across Europe

E-invoicing goals for Tech Data

Tech Data’s goal is to achieve touchless invoice processing. Through e-Invoicing the company aims to

  1. deliver accurate data into its ERP system,
  2. automate its invoicing process,
  3. improve cash flow,
  4. increase PO compliance,
  5. reduce the company’s carbon footprint,
  6. strengthen data quality and compliance.

Quotes from the executive

Let’s get a comment from the executives involved here:

  • Philippe Bosquier, VP IT Europe and Managing Director Tech Data IT:
    “Critical to our choice of service provider were demonstrable experience in on-boarding suppliers to the network, and the ability to manage the complexity of cross-border legal and VAT regulations.”” We are committed to phasing out paper and bringing greater efficiency and transparency to our finance function and suppliers through e-Invoicing.”
  • Luke McKeever, CEO at OB10:
    “We are delighted to welcome Tech Data, an established supplier on the OB10 network, as a buyer. We are working closely with the Tech Data team to deliver a successful supplier on-boarding programme based on the knowledge and methodologies we have developed over 11 years in e-Invoicing.”

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