e-Archiving expands electronic billing in Turkey

The e-archiving regulation is stated in Article 433 of the Law on Tax Procedure. This regulation made it compulsory to adapt to this method before January 1 for all companies that had earned income of over 5 million lira (TRY) in tax year 2014 trading goods or services via Internet.

Before the advent of e-Ar?iv, Turkish taxpayers could only issue e-invoices when the receiver was also electronically enabled. A requirement that hampered the spread of this technology. However, with e-archiving all the bills are generated and stored, for a 10 year period, in totally digital format. Forwarding can subsequently take place by different methods, depending on the technological capacities of each recipient.

Another difference between traditional electronic invoicing and this new process is that the documents are not immediately reported to the Turkish Tax Administration (GIB / TRA). Instead, companies must issue a monthly report.

Moreover, in the coming months compulsory use of the new system will be extended to the banks, logistics and transport companies and internet advertising agents. This will broaden the penetration of e-invoicing in Turkey over the year.

Source: http://www.edicomgroup.com/en_ES/news/7849

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