DT Group automates 2mln supplier invoices thanks to Medius

DT Group automates 2mln supplier invoices thanks to Medius

DT Group is a nordic building materials company. And owner of the well-known brands STARK and Silvan in Denmark, Beijer in Sweden, Starkki in Finland and Neumann in Norway. DT Group has chosen MediusFlow for a much needed invoice automation solution as it process over 2 million supplier invoices per year.

In its Shared Service Center DT Group will implement Medius’ products MediusFlow XI Invoice, MediusFlow XI Match and MediusFlow XI Contract for supplier invoices from Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. Medius has to be integrated into 3 different ERP-solutions and has to proof that it can replace three different existing systems DT Group.

Bo K. Larsen, Managing Director Medius Denmark:

“This deal definitely puts Medius on the map in Denmark as one of the leading suppliers of invoice automation solutions. We’re extremely proud that DT Group has chosen us as a partner, and the fact that we can support a business like DT Group shows the strength in our MediusFlow XI platform.”

Mads Hvelplund, Shared service center manager at DT group:
“We wanted a solution that was able to support our strategy of working smarter in our business in order to free up more time for proactive sales. By reducing the amounts of time spent on administrative tasks, such as discrepancy handling of invoices in our branches, we will be able to address the needs of our customers even better. MediusFlow will be an integrated part of the initiatives we take to achieve this goal.”

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