Dow easily moves from in-house to cloud with AuthentiDate

The perfectionists among us will probably recognise the urge to pull every possible string. And you will probably agree with us this can be very tiring. Dow Chemical must have been very tired of running the show all by itself, because the chemical corporation has decided to switch from its in-house e-invoicing solution to AuthentiDate’s Signamus cloud service. Now just relax for a bit, Dow Chemical.

Own data centre or in the cloud

Dow Chemical has been a customer of AuthentiDate since 2001. In 2012 the decision was made that electronic invoicing was to be outsourced to an external service provider. Dow was able to quickly and easily outsource the entire e-invoicing process, because AuthentiDate offers its e-invoicing solution as a software-based solution for the implementation in an organisation’s own data centre as well as through a cloud service (Signamus).

Meeting EU requirements

Since Dow uses qualified signatures pursuant to the requirements of the European Union, the chemical corporation and the invoice recipients automatically meet the requirements for electronic invoicing with respect to authenticity and integrity. In other words, Dow is able to use the invoices for invoice tax deduction purposes throughout the entire EU without having to send an additional hardcopy invoice.

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