Does a phone survey under 80 people deliver statistically relevant data?

Every year this domain generates a vast amount of research reports. Even though some are relevant  (and others are not) and some of them are from independent resources (and most of them are not), together they provide a birds eye view of the e-invoicing and AP automation landscape.

However sometimes you’d have to ask yourselves whether a research delivers statistically relevant data. As in this case where a 1 billion waste claim was based on result from a mere phone survey of 80 people.

So what’s the deal here? Well, ACI Worldwide & Wiese Research Associates conducted a phone-based quantitative market research survey of 80 people. ACI claimes that they are leaders responsible for EBPP in the U.S. within the consumer finance, government, higher education, insurance and utility sectors. But can we check that?

And based on these surveys the main result was – according to ACI- that “More than half (56%) of organizations use siloed electronic bill presentment and payment systems that cost them more than $1 billion annually”. Broken down into the following findings:

  • 48% of the organizations surveyed are open to replacing their EBPP systems with a single, integrated system that can address diverse payment preferences efficiently and cost-effectively.
  • Fragmented websites cost $630 million annually in decreased ebilling adoption.
  • Lost productivity from isolated EBPP systems robs companies of $380 million per year.
  • Call centers operating disparate systems incur $180 million in needless expenses each year due to longer call times.

For me this is not a relevant research, simply put because for such a big claim you can’t rely alone on a phone survey. And surely not with such a small scale. You’d at least need to do some in depth research and crunching the numbers.

But then again, the research made on the E-invoicing Platform….my bad.


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