DEPANN 2000 starts e-invoicing project with Accelya’s help

Jean-Jacques Julien. What a gorgeous name. Alliteration heaven. And Jean-Jacques happens to be a very inspiring person, being the founder of DEPANN 2000. It is a French company with 160 employees which specialises in breakdown recovery. But that’s not why we find the company so interesting. The thing is, together with Accelya DEPANN 2000 has launched an e-invoicing project for its customers. That’s over 100,000 invoices we’re talking about here.

From head office down to branch level

In a sector where each intervention requires its own invoice, e-invoicing of customer invoices was quickly implemented at head office, and is now being deployed at branch level, with the overall size of the project covering 100,000 invoices per year. The project also serves the biggest names in automobile assistance, and for smaller customers the transition is taking place slowly but surely, communicating a range of instructions in a clear and informative manner.

DEPANN 2000 feels confident

As Gwladys Toton, commercial manager for DEPANN 2000 testifies: “We are very confident, the project is developing at great speed. In our branches, invoices are sent out at the click of a button, not to mention the advantages of security of information and the time gained from the highly practical interface, and increased productivity: staff are more relaxed in their daily activities, they no longer bear the full burden of responsibility of information, and this is reassuring for them. As for the project management with Accelya, we had our own dedicated project manager who took care of the commitments without any nasty surprises.”

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