Datacert’s Passport goes mobile

Isn’t it annoying how some companies always try to take the easy way out? By simply porting their standard software user interface to cumbersome mobile browsers, for example. But not Datacert, because the provider of legal management solutions has announced the new release of Passport, a dynamic and rich user interface that has been carefully designed and optimised for the smaller screens of tablets and mobile phones.

Simple chores

The mobile Passport solution allows Datacert’s legal and claims department clients to extend their use of Passport’s suite of applications to their mobile devices. Mobile users will be able to utilise the full capabilities (including customisations) of their Passport solutions, such as matter management and legal spend management. Users will be able to perform common tasks, such as:

  • Reviewing, adjusting, and approving invoices, budgets, and timekeeper requests.
  • Viewing and updating matter information, including matter summaries, narratives, tasks, and events.
  • Viewing documents.
  • Viewing dashboards and dashboard reports.

Benefits of mobile optimisation

Screen auto-reformat capabilities ensure content rendering is optimised based on the size and orientation of the screen. Users will also be able to very easily set any page of the application as their “homepage”, allowing quick access to most commonly used features. Also, the use of HTML5 for Datacert’s mobile solution greatly simplifies maintenance as it allows for a single code base for all mobile devices. In other words, the mobile version automatically stays in sync with the latest version of Passport, including any customisations the client makes to the solution.

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