Crunching the e-invoicing numbers in Mexico

Mexico is one of the leaders, and perhaps THE leader, when in it comes to electronic invoicing. According to recent research, Amexipac was able to display the following numbers:

  • There are 49 million taxpayers in Mexico
  • These taxpayers issue up to 90 bills per second
  • The worth of the e-invoices exceeds 5,000 million pesos a year

Amexipac is the organization which groups authorized providers of certification. After unveiling the conclusion at the Foro Internacional de Tributación Digital Conexión (International Forum on Digital Taxation en Interoperability 2015), Amexipac stressed that one of the challenges is to expand the digitisation in the country, not only in fiscal and tax issues, but in the rest of the fields of services and transactions between citizens and government.

The FITDC attracted 550 registered participants, experts in new technology, taxation systems, digital government.


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