Comarch E-invoicing Business Breakfast: Why e-invoicing is becoming the new standard

September 26, 2016  |  Electronic Invoicing, Events

Comarch E-invoicing Business Breakfast: Why e-invoicing is becoming the new standardA quick check compares electronic and paper invoice. The result shows the reasons for the e-invoice’s success. A more detailed check of e-invoicing will be conducted by legal experts at the Business Breakfast organized by IT provider Comarch. The free event will take place on October 25, 2016, at BMW Welt in Munich.

  1. Money: Return on investment achieved quickly
    As Gartner and Billentis unanimously stated, e-invoicing projects typically pay for themselves within 6 to 18 months.
  2. Time: Faster and easier
    Electronic invoicing accelerates and simplifies the complete processing of incoming invoices. This is mostly due to the fact that manual activities such as scanning or registering are no longer necessary.
  3. Legislation: 100 % in conformity with legislation
    German legislature added clarity to the e-invoicing issue: The basic conditions for exchanging electronic invoices have recently been considerably simplified. International use has also seen a positive development: In most countries, the exchange of invoices is regulated by VAT legislation; particularly in Europe, many promising campaigns are being conducted to establish structured data interchange.
  4. Response
    The invoice is the most common business document to be transmitted electronically. In 2015 alone, an estimated 42 billion of the 500 billion invoices worldwide have been exchanged in electronic form only. The current figures of the EESPA members (European E-Invoicing Service Providers Association) also show a significant increase of 27 % for 2015 as a whole.

E-Invoicing Business Breakfast

At the Comarch E-invoicing Bussiness Breakfast, legal experts will explain in detail how to successfully automate the invoicing process on an international scale. Participate in the free-of-charge Business Breakfast on October 25, 2016, at BMW Welt in Munich and join the discussion on legal requirements and current developments in the EU, on possibilities of optimizing the working capital, on technical requirements, and the need for coordinated project management in the implementation phase.

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