Cleverboxes Selects Kewill DropShip for Order Management

April 19, 2016  |  Digitalisation

Kewill, provider of innovative software for supply chain execution, announced that Cleverboxes – one of the UK’s fastest growing online retailers – has joined its list of cutting-edge customers.

Cleverboxes is using Kewill DropShip, a collaborative order management and fulfillment solution for retail and wholesale enterprises that drop-ship, or direct despatch, product directly from their suppliers to their customers.

Looking to gain visibility and control over its vendors and quickly expand its drop-ship operations, Cleverboxes chose Kewill’s offering for its speed and ease of deployment. Kewill’s cloud-based technology also comes without the costly financial commitment typically associated with a traditional, bespoke drop-ship solution.

Kewill DropShip enables retailers to connect with any number of suppliers, interact with them to check stock availability, organise personalisation, and confirm their ability to fulfill on time – all while using the retailer’s branded documentation and labeling. This ensures the retailer’s brand is linked to the order and delivers a positive brand experience, maximising customer satisfaction and encouraging future purchases.

Kewill’s DropShip solution allows closer collaboration and tighter integration with all suppliers, regardless of size or technical capabilities. The result is greater visibility across the supply chain – from receipt of order to delivery status – increasing efficiency, lowering operational costs and ensuring a better overall customer experience.

In fact Kewill DropShip will give Cleverboxes:

  • Increased insight into supplier performance – Real-time visibility of order details and statuses of key steps in the fulfillment process will allow Cleverboxes to react to potential issues before they impact customers.
  • Improved detail on stock status of drop ship suppliers – Automated processes will provide greater control of the fulfillment process from order to delivery.
  • Streamlined tracking of orders – In-the-moment delivery details will empower Cleverboxes to have a greater understanding of shipment status and increased insight as to when orders will be delivered.

Vernon Yerkess, managing director/owner of Cleverboxes:
“Kewill DropShip came highly recommended by a trusted partner. Being cloud-based meant that we could quickly integrate Kewill with our existing operations and, importantly, with minimum set-up investment. We were also impressed with Kewill’s knowledge of the drop-ship industry, its broad drop-ship supplier community and its extensive customer base.”

Jim Hoefflin, President and Chief Operating Officer of Kewill:
 “Our customers rely on Kewill DropShip to reduce overhead, gain competitive advantage and deliver tangible ROI to the business, and we are pleased to provide these same results for Cleverboxes. We are honored to have been chosen as Cleverboxes’ drop-ship vendor and look forward to giving them the best collaborative order management and fulfillment solution software on the market.”


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