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September 2011

  1. The role of e-invoicing in the recession

    Over the last couple of years, there has been something which has caught the eye of the European Commission

May 2011

  1. Why invoice scanning and OCR is no more than an interim solution

    A blog article by Peter Whent, Founder and Chief Executive of Clear

  2. How Clear Connect extends your finance system to automate e-invoice processing

    In short it allows you to use all of the great functionality of Clear but from within your own finance system or accounting software

April 2011

  1. Clear launches Cloud-based invoicing network

    This network is to simplify invoicing and payment for small firms and manages the entire payment process

March 2011

  1. Clear Invoices joins the EEI Platform

    Clear is an online invoicing and time tracking service that enables business professionals to quickly and easily create, send, track and manage invoices