Check where you stand with the e-Invoicing Maturity Model

It might be a bit of a bromide, but the fact remains that electronic invoicing can be very complicated business. Which provider should I choose? How do I get my customers to join the party? And what’s with all the weird abbreviations? AES? OCR? XML? That’s why we want to show our gratitude to Capgemini’s Jeroen Sprangers for enlightening us with the e-Invoicing Maturity Model. It reflects the seven different levels of e-invoicing for inbound invoicing. It will certainly help you determine where you stand and how you grow.

The seven e-invoicing maturity levels


Manual Invoice Entering: a company in this level does not participate in any e-Invoicing activities. The focus is mainly on manual processing of invoices with a high number of FTE.


Scanning Street: the implementation of a scanning street is a small and relative simple step into the world of e-Invoicing. The scanning and automatic recognition helps to speed up the process of invoice processing.


Portal Solution: a first step in involving the supplier is a low-threshold solution. An internet portal solution is just that. It basically is a website where suppliers log onto and see all information in one place.


Electronic Data Interchange Channel: this is extremely suitable for high volume processing. A supplier who very frequently sends a bulk of invoices can be connected with this solution.


Service Provider Platform: service providers have the advantage that they are specialised in transforming any given invoice format into the desired format for the buyer. This makes it very easy for a supplier to connect to the platform.


4-Party Model: both the supplier and the buyer have their own service provider. The service providers connect to each other over the network and take care of all problems which arise when having different standards.


Self Billing: as an ultimate solution for a buyer it would be most simple and effective to create the invoice itself. The supplier will have the advantage that the payment can be done very quickly.

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