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January 2013

  1. Latest Certipost white paper shows you how to streamline your supply chain

    Modern supply chains are becoming more and more complex and companies are switching to automation to keep up with this complexity. Certipost’s latest white paper gives you all the info you need and shows you what the advantages of Certipost e-Supply are.

November 2012

  1. Certipost’s experts are coming to a company near you

    What better way to increase the adoption rate of electronic invoicing than using a hands-on approach? The experts at Certipost are literally going on the road to study the specific opportunities for a company on site, to provide detailed information and to detect, analyse and eliminate problems and bottlenecks on the spot.

October 2012

  1. Bruges first to embark on e-invoicing project

    It’s for good reason that the medieval centre of Bruges is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The largest city in the Belgian province of West Flanders doesn’t hang around in the Middle Ages when it comes to e-invoicing, because Bruges kicks off a major project to start off local authorities with e-invoicing in a simple and fast way.

  2. The Basware Certipost buyout from BPOST’s perspective

    Our previous post dealt with the Certipost acquisition from Basware’s perspective. And Basware and Certipost will without a doubt have aligned their press releases. Nevertheless, it is interesting to see how bpost perceives this acquisition. It shows some more insights in how Basware wants to execute their 2015 strategy: interoperability and economies of scale by acquisition.

  3. Connecting suppliers biggest obstacle to uptake of e-invoicing

    Recent Certipost research among 40.000 Belgian companies reveals that as many as 57% see connecting business partners as a major stumbling block regarding electronic invoicing and document exhcange. The management of both electronic and paper documents within the companies is also considered a challenge.

August 2012

  1. JOB: Senior IT Architect (application/technical)

    Certipost is a growing, transparent, innovative and financially healthy company. Certipost is looking for a senior IT Architect. This position will allow you to realize your potential as an IT architect and to come into contact with new business domains.

July 2012

  1. Temporary offer: 50% discount on analysis of invoice stream

    The new Scan & Capture service from Certipost offers you a simple way of converting these invoices into digital invoice data. Curious about the benefits for your company? Ask for a free no-obligation appointment or a 2-days analysis including a cost/benefit analysis at a 50% discount.

January 2012

  1. 8 questions from Certipost for Bruno Koch on: has electronic invoicing failed?

    The current EU situation is not the future he expected when he started in e-invoicing in 1995. He predicted the end of the paper invoice around 2000. What is his current view on e-invoicing?

May 2011

  1. Vandeputte Safety adopts Certipost e-Invoicing

    “We have opted for Certipost because of the high percentage of customers we have in common”

April 2011

  1. Cegelec adopts inbound e-invoicing

    A major advantage CertiONE represents for Cegelec is the large business community already connected to the platform