Cegedim my-invoice: e-invoicing for French SOHO and SME's

Cegedim my-invoice: e-invoicing for French SOHO and SME’s

July 9, 2014  |  Adoption, Electronic Invoicing

Cegedim, a global leader in paperless Europe, introduced my-invoice in 2012. It is an electronic invoicing solution especially tailored to service the specific needs of SMI’s and SME’s that are looking for an easy to implement solution that ensure secure exchanges with their clients. In other words: A simple and reliable paperless solution that optimizes the customer-supplier relationship.

Dematerialisation without constraints

Launched in 2012, my-invoice allows companies to securely exchange electronic invoices to their customers without any software installation (SaaS).

In accordance with the legislation in force, My-Invoice meets the essential objectives of the e-invoicing:

  • Replacement of paper invoices: by electronically signed PDF images;
  • Savings related to the suppression of printing, envelopes, postage and filing paper invoices;
  • Tracking and monitoring: acknowledgment to the sending electronic storage of invoices for ten years and consultation bills online on the dedicated web portal;
  • Reliability and Security: electronic signature guarantees the authenticity and integrity of invoices;
  • Availability: sending invoices can 7/7 and 24/24h.

Julien Ferblantier, Sales Engineer within the BU Cegedim e-business:
In the existing supply of dematerialisation solutions we saw insufficient focus for the SMI’s and SME’s emitting less than 500 invoices per year to their clients. Even though they are also looking for as much efficiency and savings as larger businesses. That is why Cegedim has developed a suitable solution, with minimal technical prerequisites and immediate access to the benefits of e-invoicing, and targeted legal archiving.


Pierre Escourrou, President of the company MFI based in Lagny-sur-Marne (France) and specialised in railway and industrial maintenance:
“We appreciate the simplicity of how My-Invoice works, which is perfectly suited to our needs. Replacing paper invoices by PDF allows us to secure our billing. The time saved not to revive our customers, and to reassign to tasks really creates higher added value.

Christophe Roustan, Financial Manager Desautels Group based in Montluel (France) and specialist of fire protections:
“The good reactivity of the technical team Cegedim has enabled us to quickly see the benefits of this solution. For our group with many customers, ease of use and speed of invoice validation are key criteria that fills my-invoice convincingly and reliable.”

Laurent Altit, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Industrial telephony TLTI based in Paris:
“The benefits of using my-invoice occurred at three levels: saves time in managing customer invoices, reducing costs through the elimination of enveloping and postage and finally, it generates a greater proximity to the accounting for our customers”

For more information: www.my-invoice.fr


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