CEGEDIM inkts deal with Diag Direct for dematerialisation of invoices

June 26, 2015  |  Electronic Invoicing, Europe

Cegedim had announced that it won a deal to start with an e-invoicing service for Diag Direct. Diag Direct relies on Cegedim’s multi-channel platform Global Information Services (GIS) to enable its members to dematerialise their invoices. Born of a common reflection of the members of the SFRL (future SIDIV) in the early 2000s,

Diagdirect.com is a secure E-commerce portal for around 20 medical biology laboratories. De e-invoicing service provides time gains and administrative productivity, simplifies the management of disputes, improves inventory management and access to information. Today, more than 3000 customers are registered, for a volume of 14000 orders per month, with a monthly average growth of 15% since the start.

The service is free for clients and open to all kinds of suppliers. The portal works in accordance with fiscal regulations and it will be interoperable with the CHORUS Portal in 2017, for the transmission of invoices to clients in the public sector.

Read the full press release here (in French)

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