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Invoiceware releases new version of their SAP Hybrid Cloud for Brazil Nota Fiscal compliance

In a recent article published by InformationWeek Brasil, Alexandre Quinze, CIO América Latina da Philip, discusses how Invoiceware's Nota Fiscal cloud service reduced on-going maintenance costs by 80% while increasing the productivity of end users by 25% when compared to maintaining an on-premise software for Brazil Nota Fiscal compliance. (Source: Philips no Brasil quebra paradigmas com arquitetura global de TI baseada no ERP)

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SAP Hybrid Cloud: Proving the Value for Latin America E-Invoicing Compliance

Here is the simple test to prove the advantage of the Hybrid-Cloud model vs other alternatives: Compare the effort to comply with the 2014 Brazil Nota Fiscal 3.1 SAP changes when using an on premise or 100% Cloud system (Service Pack 16, ECC Notes, BADI and PI Changes - requiring SD, MM, ABAP, PI Architect, PM resources) with the effort to comply with the 3.1 standard when using the Invoiceware Hybrid Cloud (NO CHANGES TO SAP REQUIRED) This means you can update your SAP system on your own schedule, and avoid the annual "fire drills".

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SMART Modular Technologies relies on Invoiceware International to manage their einvoicing in Brazil

By taking advantage of Invoiceware International's SAP Rapid Deployment Templates (RDT) and OnDemand Latin America E-Invoicing Network, SMART Modular is eliminating the ongoing SAP upgrades and IT burdens caused by the constantly changing regulations, now as well as in the future.

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Latin American ecompliance is so much more than AP automation and ebilling

March 9, 2014  |  Adoption, Digitalisation, Latin America

As from 1 January 2014 Mexico requires Electronic Payroll Receipts (Nomina Electronica), "beating" the Brazilian eSocial initatie that should come into force as from the middle of 2014. It shows that Latin American compliance is much more than account payables or ebilling, and the expansion into the Human Resource area is one of many steps.
Compliance in Brazil and Mexico now spans Account Receivables, Outbound Shipping, Use of 3rd Party Logistics Providers, Account Payables, Tax Compliance and Audit Risk, and as of 2014 – Human Resources through mandates applied to Payroll.

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Ten years of electronic billing in Mexico [infographic]

This year marks the tenth anniversary of electronic invoicing in Mexico. On January 5, 2004, the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, through the Official Gazette of the Federation, issued the first ever schema for the Digital Tax Receipt or CFD. Since then, approximately 9,000 million electronic billing transactions have taken place. This figure is set to grow in coming years as the CFDI becomes mandatory, making Mexico one of the most innovative countries in this area.

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Mexican e-invoicing displayed as best practice for Pan EU e-invoicing

More than 9,000 million (9 billion!) electronic invoices issued by different companies and entities in Mexico the past decade displays the success of the Mexican Einvoicing initiative. It represents a major step in the country's progress in its goal towards the development of e-government that provides greater efficiency, avoide the use of paper, to minimize fraud and to increase in public agility.
The successful implementation of electronic invoicing in Mexico has attracted much interest of the European Commission, as well as single EU Member States.

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SAP Hybrid Cloud Part 3 of 4: Proves Successful for Latin America E-Invoicing Compliance

March 3, 2014  |  Electronic Invoicing, Latin America

Traditional Managed Service, EDI VANs, e-invoicing networks, and signing providers fail to provide an end to end service: Some companies turned to 100% pure cloud providers, but they found these EDI type VANs were not the best answer in the long run for two reasons: customized ERP and the fact shipping (real logistics) is affected.

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Introducing our latest member: AMEXIPAC

AMEXIPAC is a non-profit organization that represents the leading e-Invoicing companies in Mexico. Our members are certified by Mexican Tax Authorities, (SAT) and as a group represent the majority of e-invoicing transactions issued in the country.
All AMEXIPAC members offer tax compliant e-Invoicing as well as value added services, such as sending and receiving solutions for different market verticals and segments, oriented towards improving customers´ business efficiency. AMEXIPAC brings together highly qualified legal and technical experts in order to meet the stringent requirements for e-invoicing in Mexico.
The implementation of these requirements by all members of AMEXIPAC have been set as a benchmark for e-Invoicing best practices in Mexico and Latin America.

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Tungsten and partner Buzon E sign up shipping group Estafeta as first Mexican customer

e-Invoicing is mandated for all Mexican companies. Due to recent legislative changes, organisations can no longer self-generate electronic invoices but must send them through one of 77 authorised service providers, such as Buzón E. By becoming an OB10 reseller, Buzón E is introducing additional value to its fiscally compliant invoicing services by bringing touchless processing to Mexican companies.

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SAP Hybrid Cloud Part 2 of 4: Proves Successful for Latin America E-Invoicing Compliance

We welcome a series of blogpost from Steve Sprague, VP Product Strategy InvoiceWare:
"In follow up to his first article: SAP Hybrid Cloud Proves Successful for Latin America E-Invoicing Compliance Part 1, He goes into further detail on why the Hybrid Cloud model is taking over as the leading solution choice for compliance across Latin America.

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