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E-invoicing study in France: use of PDF and email are common [no kidding]

Boy what a surprise. You do a e-invoicing survey under SME's. And what is the outcome? Well, that most of them use e-mail and PDF for e-invoicing. Now, for all of you that are eager to say that that is not e-invoicing, talk to those SME all over France, Europe and the world for that matter. Because this what they believe. And keep in mind that these SME's are strangely enough your future customers.
48% of firms taking part cited simplicity, traceability and productivity as at the heart of the benefits of e-invoicing. Of those respondents in the B2B segment, 50% expressed an interest in de-materialising the invoicing process, while 28% claimed to have already done so.

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E-invoicing in Finland: how B2C can catch up with B2B e-penetration level?

Finland is relatively far in e-invoicing B2B segment but B2C is in a low penetration stage at the moment. So how come these two segments have followed different paths?
So it seems the main difference is coming from the fact that user groups are different: consumers have not seen a clear benefit, while the B2B business benefits were obvious. But there is more...

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B2B Managed Services market has reached a level of maturity

April 2, 2013  |  Adoption, Asia, Europe, North America, Research

Sponsored by GXS, Stanford's report "B2B Managed Services, Business Value and Adoption Trends" analyses the current state of B2B integration adoption and evaluates its potential growth. Engage earnest face: the report found that 96 percent of respondents felt managed services has added significant value to their overall B2B integration programs.

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Basware predicts a bright e-commerce future

Basware North America's Vice President Bob Cohen believes that 2013 will be the year of e-commerce. Based on insight from more than 1 million users around the world, Basware prepared a list of predictions of the trends for 2013. Interesting stuff. We’re getting an increasingly bigger smile on our faces.

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Is it really here? Is 2013 the turning point for e-invoicing?

It looks like it’s really going to happen in 2013. 2013 is the turning point. According to PayStream and Purchasing Insight 2013 will see a significant shift towards electronic invoicing. It’s about time! Read all about it in their report entitled “Global Electronic Invoicing—The State of AP Automation Worldwide”.

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Do you take full responsibility for your einvoicing predictions? Do you?

We received a press release on yet another research. And what interested us most weren’t the actual outcomes of the study. No, it was the tail of the press release. Called the “Forward Looking Statements”. Our answer? Please: don’t make hollow predictions and take full responsibility for any of them.

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Ocean shippers turn to e-invoicing to cut costs [survey]

February 26, 2013  |  Adoption, Electronic Invoicing, Research

What impressive machines they are: cargo ships. Keeping such a giant afloat must be expensive business, especially in the last four years of economic volatility. Carriers and shippers are seeking new ways to reduce costs. INTTRA’s global study shows that they have now moored at the island of e-invoicing.

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INFOGRAPHIC: The biggest sources of cost to Accounts Payable

February 21, 2013  |  Invoice Automation, Research

31% of all invoices require manual intervention. 85% of respondents agree that invoice exceptions are one of the biggest sources of cost to AP. The top-three repercussions of invoice exceptions are late payments, increased operating costs and unhappy suppliers. OB10 created an infographic that summarises their survey findings. And a guide to help AP professionals address this problem.

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What a waste: spending two full working days a month on financial processes

February 18, 2013  |  Invoice Automation, Publications, Research

16 hours and 53 minutes. That’s more than 2 full working days (for those of us who aren’t workaholics at least). And that’s how much time the average SMB employee spends on financial processes according to Basware’s SMB Finance research. Oh, those financial processes aren’t part of these employees’ job responsibilities. Hmm.

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An old friend: Intrum Justitia’s EPI survey

February 13, 2013  |  Europe, Featured Articles, Payment, Research

Ah, there it is again, the call to participate in Instrum Justitia’s renowned study into payment behaviour, payment experiences and payment risks of companies, individuals and governments at local and European level. Yes, the European Payment Index 2013. And Intrum Justitia could really use your help.

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