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Increase Productivity. Not Paper: The Power of Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment (EIPP)

January 11, 2012  |  Electronic Invoicing, Payment, Publications

Does that title sound familiar to you? It probably does. And you know why? It is because it was more or less the title of a 2006 white paper that you can actually download from here

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7 Websites that provide e-invoicing and AP automation content as well

Take a look at some other websites that every now and then provide news and backgrounds on e-invoicing and AP automation

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Get big results with AP Automation [INFOGRAPHIC]

January 9, 2012  |  Invoice Automation, North America, Payment

We found this neat infographic from PaySimple on how small business can get big results wit accounts receivable automation

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Power of the public: Verizon’s convenience fee for online bills killed [PIC]

Verizon's ridiculous idea to charge a convencience fee for online bills led to public outrage and a FCC investigation. With all kinds of consequences

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US Postal closes 50% of mail distribution centres: effect on Accounts Receivable

December 30, 2011  |  Electronic Invoicing, North America, Payment

"It's less of a disaster than it would have been 10 years ago, but it'll be a cash flow crunch for some companies.".

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eBay acquires BillSafe: a purchase-on-invoice provider

BillSAFE is a purchase-on-invoice provider: customers select the item they want to buy, and then they receive an einvoice for payment AFTER the item is delivered

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The US have a new standard for electronic health care billing: HIPAA 5010

December 29, 2011  |  Electronic Invoicing, Legal, North America, Payment

The provider that exchanges health billing information must be LISTED as a billing provider. A medical billing service or clearinghouse is no longer acceptable.

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The Battle: Paper versus Online Billing [INFOGRAPHIC]

December 29, 2011  |  Electronic Invoicing, Payment, Publications

Enjoy the infographic created by SmartPay. As you can see, they compare online billing with paper billing and corresponding payment methods

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SWIFT goals: 800 corporations on the network now. Growing to 5000 in 2015

December 27, 2011  |  Adoption, Electronic Invoicing, Payment

A few years ago, much of the corporate interest in SWIFT was limited to cash management issues. But now SWIFT has decided to change its image with some new tools

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Ariba enhances its SMART INVOICING proposition

New features streamline global invoice processing, support complex compliance requirements, and improve business commerce collaboration. Check it out

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