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"It’s not brain surgery. US Health insurance billing can also be brought into the Internet era”

"Health insurance billing is one of the biggest money wasters in the US health care system". The solution: electronic billing systems. The result: saving $32 billion

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Oh no! Online banking saturation is lurking behind the door [UPDATE]

November 16, 2011  |  Adoption, Electronic Invoicing, North America

The findings reveal that while online banking has clearly established itself as a vitally important self-service channel, the US adoption rate for online banking has tapered off

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E-invoicing news: KUBRA signs up Dakota Electric, SourceLink presents BLINK, Clariant checks Ariba

Dakota Electric and KUBRA expand available e-billing channels | SourceLink presents BLINK | Clariant wants to transform invoicing with Ariba

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E-invoicing news: Crossgate delivers e-invoicing to System i, Securitas selects Striata

Rent-A-Center Automates Invoice Processing with Kofax | Crossgate delivers electronic invoicing for System i | Securitas selects Striata for secure eBill delivery and payment

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E-invoicing news: State vs Lang, ADP Partners with Nextgen, Ariba

State vs Lang: Tampering with an e-billing system | ADP Partners with NextGen Software to increase supplier adoption of its procure-to-pay network

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E-invoicing news: Sotreq goes Paperless, adds features and SunGard links to Billtrust

Tiny as it may be, this globe has a lot of e-invoicing and invoice automation news to cover. So much in fact that we now and then combine developments into one post

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Electronic Invoicing in Mexico is now mandatory, effective immediately

All invoices in Mexico must be electronic for companies with an annual income of $4 million Pesos, US $325,000, EUR 300.000. Soon all Mexican companies must follow the new e-invoicing rules

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TyMetrix Acquires LEDESense to streamline e-billing for law firms

November 1, 2011  |  Electronic Invoicing, Legal, North America

Law firms are now spending increasing amounts of time ensuring that their electronic invoices are compliant with as many as 31 different formats

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With the changes in the PPACA, the bill is no longer in the snail mail

In the United States the new-ish Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is expected to have a big impact on the industry. It is a push from the regulators for wider use of e-billing

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Alaska Communications Services wants to offer a $5 one-time credit for those who shift to electronic billing

This is a great example of bonus tactics. But what is the best customer (or supplier) tactic? Bonus, malus, no-bonus, customer centric?

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