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US E-invoicing News: Amerinet selects GHX | Sears Canada selects ADP

February 9, 2012  |  Invoice Automation, North America

Amerinet decided to offer its 2,900 acute care hospital members a suite of procure-to-pay (P2P) solutions | Sears Canada assessed various AP automation providers and decided the ADP solution was the best fit

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Medical E-invoicing News: Pollux Systems extends contract with Zotec | MedData Acquires MedDirect

January 30, 2012  |  Electronic Invoicing, North America

Pollux Systems Extends Contract for five years with Medical Billing Provider Zotec Partners | MedData Enhances its medical billing innovation with patient-centered communications and reimbursement technologies

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Put Caterpillar’s global automation success to work for you

Listen to this recorded webinar to hear how Caterpillar have achieved their results after implementing e-invoicing

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AP Automation News: ESCO automates AP with Oracle + Unverified news release

January 12, 2012  |  Europe, Invoice Automation, North America

ESCO Automates Accounts Payable with Oracle WebCenter & ImageSource + Unverified news from Readsoft and Brainware

Read More the new E-invoicing platform by Anachron [PIC]

The InvoicePortal is a service for electronic billing /online billing /electronic invoicing /online invoicing. In fact it is a many-to-many exchange of electronic documents and messages

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Unverified News Flash: US Pharmaceutical selects ReadSoft | Basware and Finnish company renew contract

January 10, 2012  |  Europe, Invoice Automation, North America

The value of the Basware deal exceeds EUR 450 000 | The Readsoft agreement is worth 340,000 USD and was signed during Q4 - 2011

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Get big results with AP Automation [INFOGRAPHIC]

January 9, 2012  |  Invoice Automation, North America, Payment

We found this neat infographic from PaySimple on how small business can get big results wit accounts receivable automation

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E-Invoicing: Your Ticket to A/P Efficiency

January 6, 2012  |  Europe, Invoice Automation, North America

With the large-scale implementation of ERP and EDI systems, AP has certainly become more efficient. Yet most finance executives remain unsatisfied. Why?

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Power of the public: Verizon’s convenience fee for online bills killed [PIC]

Verizon's ridiculous idea to charge a convencience fee for online bills led to public outrage and a FCC investigation. With all kinds of consequences

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US Postal closes 50% of mail distribution centres: effect on Accounts Receivable

December 30, 2011  |  Electronic Invoicing, North America, Payment

"It's less of a disaster than it would have been 10 years ago, but it'll be a cash flow crunch for some companies.".

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