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Together Tradeshift and INTTRA provide ocean freight e-invoicing

INTTRA and Tradeshift have entered into a strategic alliance. Their goals is to enable ocean carriers and their customers to manage with a single connection ocean freight invoices, disputes and payments on a common platform

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E-Invoicing Adoption Benchmarking Report

Not surprisingly, they're achieving significant benefits, including payment cycles reduced to five days, (from 23), a 39 percent increase in on-time payments and a 63 percent reduction in lost paper invoices

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E-invoicing News: Siemens Global and Direct Insite renew contract | Mercantile Bank of Michigan partners with | 12 State and County Governments start using doxo

Siemens Global Shared Services and Direct Insite rekindle partnership for supplier e-invoicing services | Mercantile Bank of Michigan utilizes’s e-invoicing platform | 12 States and County Governments join invoice manager doxo

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AP Automation News: Doe Ron selects DataServ, HKS Selects CCG, Orange selects Kofax

The Doe Run company selects DataServ SaaS for Purchase-to-Pay automation | HKS selects CCG electronic invoicing to improve financial oversight through AP Automation | And, Orange Business Services transforms procurement with e-invoicing by Kofax

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Canadian economy can save $32 billion with e-payment and e-invoicing

Canada’s economy could get an annual $32-billion boost with a more determined shift to digital payments technology. According to a new report a modern Canadian payments system will lead to far greater choice, efficiency and convenience for consumers, businesses, governments and organizations, as well as a safer, more secure system

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How Clariant transformed Invoicing with Ariba

The specialty chemical manufacturer decided to implement Ariba’s cloud-based solution to fuel smart process that reduces errors, speeds approvals and drives compliance. “We recognized early on that the key to user adoption of any procurement system is providing an easy-to-use tool with current content”

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Email bills should be like iTunes: anywhere, anytime, any device… [Column]

Technology is evolving at an incredible rate, which means that the strategies you employed 2 or 3 years ago are probably no longer on target. Take personal audio for example: If a group of music executives was discussing how to increase sales on audio cassettes, you’d think they were out of their minds

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Do you need compliant e-invoicing in Mexico? Call OB10!

February 23, 2012  |  Electronic Invoicing, Legal, North America

Driven by customer demand, OB10 now delivers compliant services in Mexico. This was made possible through a partnership with the Mexican provider Buzón E

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Electronic billing practices increase accountability for healthcare professionals

February 16, 2012  |  Electronic Invoicing, North America, Payment

It is quickly becoming generally accepted that shifting to medical billing software can increase cost efficiency and productivity. However, electronic medical billing software can also act as an important security function. Why? Because it allows practitioners to audit that all practitionars use compliant, ethical principles to receive compensation for services. In short: getting things paid

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US Veteran Affairs endorses electronic invoicing by OB10

To comply with IPERA, the US Department of Veteran Affairs is finalizing actions to mandate electronic invoice submission to the VA Financial Services Center (VAFSC)

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