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Liaison is on a roll: buys nuBridges and receives USD 30 million funding

As you all probably know, Liaison Technologies, provides business integration and data management services. Recent news is that it raised the funding from undisclosed investors last May and bought nuBridges in April. Needles to say that Liaison is on a roll

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County holds contest to boost electronic filing. Customer loyalty is the big winner

To promote the Allen County Treasurer's online payment plan options and electronic billing, a drawing for $250 was held for everyone who signed up for one of these options by May 31. The contest led to a 20% increase in electronic billing enrolment. A big win for customer loyalty

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7 e-billing and AP automation news bytes

Extra! Extra! Hot off the presses! Seven fresh e-invoicing and AP automation news bytes selected to give you a quick impression of what is currently going on. A few new partnerships, a few new costumer-supplier relations and even a trade-in program for the Ariba spend management applications. Enjoy!

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Palette welcomes US Farathane in its family

Palette has recently opened the e-invoicing door for US Farathane, a supplier of highly engineered plastic fabricated components for the automotive industry. Palette offers US Farathane a web-based invoice automation solution. The eventual goal is to enhance financial management and improve efficiencies

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Ouch! Bitten by a $143.000 hospital bill!

June 8, 2012  |  North America, Payment

America. Land of opportunity. Yes, the opportunity to get bitten by a rattlesnake and get a $143.000 hospital invoice to boot. Unfortunately Dag-Are Trydal wasn’t deterred by the loud shaking of the titular noisemaker at the end of the rattlesnake’s tail when he was making his way to his car at a parking lot. It crept up behind him and bit him in the foot

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New portal for Fundtech’s TotalTransact solution on-line

Offering an all-in-one payment processing solution for SME businesses is one thing, but providing your customers with the correct and absolutely necessary information is another. Reason for Fundtech to launch The website serves as a one-stop portal for Fundtech’s TotalTransact Payment Suite.

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Can Instant Payments disrupt the banking industry?

May 31, 2012  |  Europe, North America, Payment

Waiting to get paid. This can take up to 90 days and SMEs get into trouble because of it. Why? They have to cough up the money to run their own business. And if they fail to do so they are forced to get credit from the bank, perhaps reduce their growth and even shut down their business entirely. Tradeshift’s solution to : Instant Payments

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6 US AP automation news bytes

Many companies recently announced that they have selected a third party to automate their accounts payable process. Perceptive Software and University of Kansas; Icelandair Group and Brainware Distiller; Qualicaps and Esker; Birchstreet and Northwood Hospitality; Sears Canada and ADP; Concur and Brainware Distiller. Read the ins and outs here

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FYI: 10 pieces of US e-billing news

Wow, at lot is happening in the United States of e-billing. The subjects range from the introduction of a new e-billing service for law firms to PayPal’s first steps in Japan to the arrest of a woman who committed credit card fraud. Just take it all in and use it to your advantage

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E-invoicing in Mexico: key changes as from 1 July 2012 [by InvoiceWare]

Just like Argentina, Brazil and Chile, compliance has now also become THE dominating meaning of einvoicing in Mexico. This because Mexico has adopted a intricate series of legislation and regulations around electronic invoicing. InvoiceWare explains

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