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After Crossgate and Ariba, SAP strikes again and buys Hybris

Once every month we allow ourselves to bring you non e-invoicing and invoice automation news. Last year the SAP whale dropped $4.3 billion to buy Ariba and its huge online marketplace; the year before that it acquired Crossgate, a specialist in business-to-business e-commerce. This year SAP entered  a $37 billion e-commerce market by buying hybris, an e-commerce platform specialist. Food for thought for all of you that like to reflect on what SAP's strategy might be and how it affects the e-invoicing arena ;-).
“The combination of hybris’ commerce platform with the flagship in-memory platform SAP HANA, analytical and cloud applications, and the SAP Jam social software platform will give SAP a significant edge in delivering new levels of customer insight and engagement across all channels.”

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20/20 vision to pitch at the Dutch Demo Night in New York city

20/20 vision Europe has been selected as one of the happy few to participate in the Startup Bootcamp in NYC. This Startup Bootcamp aims to introduce foreign entrepreneurs into the NYC startup scene to extend their international network. All company visits and international business training will lead up to the main event; the Dutch Demo Night. Who will be the hottest startup visiting NYC?
Are you by chance visiting NYC? Please join us on June the 6th and experience the Dutch invasion of NYC. To register for the event, go to Eventbrite and regsiter now. Follow the conversation on Twitter using #NLbootcamp. Follow @2020visionEU and @nlinvalley so you do not have to miss any update.

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ReadSoft buys Expert Systems and expands its rapidly growing cloud services

Expert Systems has one of the leading cloud based networks for exchanging e-invoices and other electronic documents in Sweden. Expert Systems employs 27 people and their main market is the Nordics.
Expert Systems’ systems and solutions include Exder, the most widely used business system for EDI (Electronic Document Interchange) in the retail sector in Sweden with a share of 70 percent of all article information for customers such as ICA, Coop and Axfood.

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Partnership Tradeshift and PrimeRevenue creates truly inclusive platform

Tradeshift's new partnership with PrimeRevenue underlines the company's principle of delivering value to both buyers and suppliers. Why? Because Tradeshift sees it as the only way to create a truly inclusive platform for business interactions that connects everyone from a one-man band to the sprawling multinationals.

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The Basware Certipost buyout from BPOST's perspective

The Basware Certipost buyout from BPOST’s perspective

Our previous post dealt with the Certipost acquisition from Basware’s perspective. And Basware and Certipost will without a doubt have aligned their press releases. Nevertheless, it is interesting to see how bpost perceives this acquisition. It shows some more insights in how Basware wants to execute their 2015 strategy: interoperability and economies of scale by acquisition.

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Basware buys Certipost’s Einvoicing network AND activities for EUR 18,2 million

Basware acquires the network and e-Invoicing business of Certipost. Basware intends to establish a fully owned Basware subsidiary in Belgium. The acquired assets and liabilities of Certipost will be transferred to this Basware Belgium entity. This is Basware's second acquisition in 2012, after it’s acquisition of the leading e-Invoice German operator First Businesspost.

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Tradeshift embraces interoperability with OFS Portal agreement

Tradeshift’s CEO recently announced on the company’s blog that Tradeshift is thrilled to be signing an interoperability agreement with OFS Portal. Christian Lanng must have read our mind (or our article about solving interoperability issues), because we believe that solving these issues is essential to the adoption of e-invoicing.

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TIE enters DACH territory with ascention takeover

DACH is an abbreviation used to represent the dominant states of the German language Sprachraum. And what does that have to with TIE Kinetix? Well, the supplier of software solutions in a web environment has acquired ascention. ascention is a Business Intelligence consultancy company with offices in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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Datacert and eBillingHub create one-stop shop for law firms

The legal e-billing market is complicated business, according to both eBillingHub and Datacert. Law firms often struggle with the challenge of managing electronic invoice submissions across an ever-widening range of vendors. Enough reason for eBillingHub and Datacert to team up. The idea is to improve the e-billing experience for their joint law firm clients.

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Liaison and Hubspan address customer needs together

What if you get the unique opportunity to capture a leadership position in your company’s field of operation? You grab it with both hands. This is exactly what Liaison Technologies did with the acquisition of Hubspan. This fits well with the company's focus on the customer, according to CEO Rob Renner.

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