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Change the way you process invoices

March 27, 2012  |  Events, Invoice Automation

Automate invoice capture, data entry and validation. Eliminate invoice keying and the paper all together. Leverage your existing Accounts Payable investment. Join the webinar to show you how Kofax can reduce your invoice processing costs up to 40%

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Basware movie time: B2B Cloud – Easy Invoicing– History of invoicing

Basware is pretty busy. Acquiring First Business Post. Promoting webinars. And creating neat little video’s. We love videos. We envy organisations that can make these succulent enticing productions. Underneath are three of these video’s: “B2B Cloud – Simplifying the world of global commerce”, “E-invoicing = Easy Invoicing”. Well done Basware!

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29 E-invoicing and AP resources you may have missed last February

What a month! Must read items on e-invoicing, AP automation and payment from last February. Think about the Threat Outbreak Alert on fake electronic invoice e-mails and much more interesting articles

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Top 10 e-Billing Trends and 7 other E-invoicing and AP Automation studies presented in 2011

Creating or underwriting a report, or study, or whitepaper, or benchmark, or survey, is one of those instruments used to sell the ‘Seth Godin’- way. You know: “don’t sell your product, sell the idea'”. So, what reports/studies/whitepapers/benchmarks/survey’s passed us by in 2011? Well, quite a lot to be honest. Underneath are some of the most prominent items of 2011

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6 low key e-invoicing and AP automation items still worth reading

There is way too much news these days on electronic invoicing, AP automation, bill payment, and so on. So in this blogpost you will learn about 6 low key news items that still are worthy of reading. Items like: InvoiceWare being compliant with Mexican e-invoicing regulations, CashFlows launching an e-Invoicing service, the problems with HIPAA 5010, The Taulia-Trustweaver partnership, Century bank using InvoiceCloud and Bulmers Limited using SoftCo R8 for AP Automation

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37 OB10 webinars you may have missed [NO KIDDING]

OB10 has built a huge impressive archive with webinars, all filled with important information for prospects, suspect and even existing customers to make e-Invoicing a great success

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Basware Webinar: Invoice Automation for Small and Medium Businesses

February 23, 2012  |  Europe, Events, Invoice Automation

Join Basware for a special presentation to experience the advantages of invoice automation for small and medium-sized organizations

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Boliden Metals selects Ariba for Sourcing, Contract Management en Supplier Information Management

February 23, 2012  |  Europe, Invoice Automation

“The global metals business is a highly cyclical one. To be competitive, companies must carefully manage their costs and trading relationships”

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38 E-invoicing and AP resources you may have missed last January

The year 2012 has taken off with a trunk full of news, hints and presentations on the subject of e-invoicing and AP automation.

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Readsoft buys Foxray. Increasing its AP Automation position. 11 facts

We all know ReadSoft. And didn’t we all thought they are actually are one of leaders (compare to a lot of us that claim this title) in Document and AP automation? Well clearly not. Because today they announced the acquisition of Foxray AG. 11 facts you need to know

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