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Dutch Government aims for mandatory B2G e-invoicing in 2016

At the Dutch Invoice Conference 2016, the Ministry of Economic Affairs announced that in anticipation of this Directive, B2G e-invoicing will be mandated as of –late- 2016, for now laid down in new contracts with suppliers.

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Latin America Goes Global with Country-by-Country Requirements

E-invoicing requirements in Latin America began as a way for individual countries to track tax obligations within their own borders, but now efforts are underway to prevent tax evasion on a more comprehensive, global basis, in places like Indonesia and Vietnam,

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Mexico Withholds Millions in Tax Refunds from Top Multinationals

From monitoring regional trends to choosing the right compliance solution, companies must be proactive to ensure they don’t miss out on significant tax refunds. Listen to Invoiceware's recent webinar to learn more.

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Towards VAT e-management in Spain

March 22, 2016  |  Compliance, Europe, Government

Starting in 2017, more than 62000 businesses will be required to manage their VAT electronically. To ensure seamless adaptation, EDICOM has published a White Paper on the workings of the Immediate Information Sharing or IIS system

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Pagero integrates NemHandel to expand reach in the Nordics

March 21, 2016  |  Electronic Invoicing, Europe, Government

(47 000+) in Pagero Online for a full reach throughout the Nordic market. Via the integration, customers can reach all recipients in the Danish public sector and also a very large number of private recipients in Denmark.

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Pagero UK 2016: PEPPOL and the Media Industry

Pagero UK IS ready and available for the forthcoming adoption of PEPPOL e-procurement standards to the NHS, UK Central Government departments and the wider UK public sector.

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eFinans expands services to top Turkish soccer teams

eFinans has recently added another top Turkish sports club Fenerbahce SK to its other customers in the Turkish Super League Trabzonspor and Galatasaray SK.

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Invoiceware International to Streamline Tax Reporting in Mexico for Oneida Limited

January 25, 2016  |  Accounting, Compliance, Government, Latin America

Global tableware brand minimizes risks and automates compliance with Mexico’s recent eAccounting (eContabilidad) mandates

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Tungsten helps catch out false invoice claims in London borough

December 29, 2015  |  Compliance, Electronic Invoicing, Government

The London Borough of Bexley has successfully foiled a number of fraud attempts. The local authority processes its invoices using the electronic invoicing platform provided by Tungsten Network, which means fraudulent invoices that might otherwise be paid out on are rejected.

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EDICOM Expert Analysis: B2G eInvoicing in Switzerland [download]

Are you ready for this technological leap? Edicom is. And they are here to help you. This handbook reviews the most important technical and legal aspects of the Swiss administration’s new e-invoicing model.

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