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Formpipe builds payment module for the Danish Business Authority

November 6, 2013  |  Europe, Government, Payment

Formpipe has received an order from the Danish Business Authority for the development and maintenance of a payment module. The order is valued at approximately € 600.000 and it will ensure the Danish Business Authority's customers a fast and cost efficient access to company data through credit card payments. The payment module supports the authority's ambitions towards increased digitization and self-service.

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Basware and B2Boost cooperate to open up e-invoicing in the Belgian media sector

Basware and B2Boost decided to collaborate to provide the Belgian media industry Procure-to -Pay automation and e-invoicing, fully integrated and tailored to their needs.
This collaboration aims to build synergies between Basware and B2Boost, both under contract with VMMa and SBS , which are among the top five players in the Belgian broadcasting industry. Rather than imposing media agencies to have to choose between Basware and B2Boost, both players decided to join forces to offer their clients and future prospects with solutions to abandon the paper process.

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9 Belgian stakeholders promise to promote electronic invoicing adoption

A study by the Belgian Agency for Administrative Simplification states that ten percent of all Belgian businesses uses electronic billing. Represents “only” 107 million e-bills out of the billion sent each year in Belgium. For the Federal budget minister Olivier Chastel, that number is still "far too small."
To accelerate the adoption of ebilling, the minister brought nine interprofessional organizations together to let them promise to promote electronic billing to their members. Organisations included are Voka, the Neutral Independents Union (SNI) and Federation of Belgian Businesses (FEB). The objective is to increase the adoption of "e-billing" by 25% between now and the end of the legislative session.

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Accelya signs the GS1 Interoperability Charter for E-invoicing solutions

ACCELYA, specialist in electronic invoicing and paperless flows, signed at the end of September the e-invoicing interoperability charter, which gathered around GS1 France 25 electronic invoicing operators. The interoperability charter aims to reinforce the costless nature of transactions, particularly when an electronic invoice passes through two different operators.
The drafting of the Interoperability Charter began almost one year ago, as part of a GS1 France Working Group of users. It emerged from a shared desire among GS1 member companies, publishers and operators of electronic invoicing solutions, to create the optimum conditions for a managed, stress-free and fast deployment of electronic invoicing.

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PEPPOL in Norway: trendsetter for e-procurement in EU

Initiated in 2008 and ended in August 2012, the PEPPOL project (Pan-European Public Procurement Online) developed and implemented the technology standards to align business processes for electronic procurement across all governments within Europe.
Today, PEPPOL is most widely used in Norway. Adaption rates are high and it is already the most dominant format and infrastructure. The number of companies, who are ready to receive PEPPOL invoices in Norway, increased to 6.382 by September 2013 compared to 1.302 in October 2012. And in September 2013 there were already 269.395 transactions in total (incl. invoices and credit notes) exchanged through PEPPOL system, as in October 2012 the number of transactions was only 15 296.

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OpenText EIM Solutions Selected by Deloitte in Belgium

October 28, 2013  |  Europe, Invoice Automation

Deloitte's business is expanding. This presented Deloitte with a new set of challenges: increased volume coupled with dispersed efforts to manage and monitor its demanding accounts payable (AP) processes. This made it difficult to process approvals and requests in a timely and economical manner. Deloitte then searched for a solution that would provide end-to-end content lifecycle management along with advanced information governance capabilities.
And it found and selected OpenText. Based on fit and functionality, Deloitte in Belgium selected OpenText Vendor Invoice Management for SAP Solutions for the following reasons: Compatibility, Quick and easy invoice approval, Insight into liabilities, User & eco-friendly.

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UK Telecom Operator Ofcom: business may charge paper bill penalties if they like

October 28, 2013  |  Adoption, Electronic Invoicing, Europe

Based on BT's decision that from November all business customers will be automatically switched to paperless billing for "their added convenience", customers have to pay £6 a month to keep receiving itemised paper bills.
According to the UK telecoms regulator, Ofcom, companies can charge whatever they like because such fees are a "commercial decision" and customers who object can always jump ship. It has, however, contacted BT to ask for an explanation of the new charges and how they were communicated to customers.

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European Council: make haste with e-invoicing and e-payment. Not with data protection. [UPDATE]

October 28, 2013  |  Adoption, Electronic Invoicing, Europe, Payment

Last week the European Council took place.EU leaders have backed away at their latest summit from a quick implementation of the new data protection directive. The Council stated that completion of the data protection legislation and the cyber security directive was only essential by 2015. Who will tell them about the NSA spying on Merkel? On the other side, the Council called upon the European Parliament to accelerate work on proposals on e-identification and trust services and on e-invoicing and payment services, so that they can be adopted by the end of the legislative period next spring. You could download the full conclusions here. However these are the relevant parts (page 5)

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Electronic invoicing in Spain as from 2015

EDICOM wrote in a post that on July 16th, the Official Gazette of the Courts published the Bill on the promotion of electronic invoicing and creation of the accounting record for invoices in the Public Sector. According to the Spanish government the roll-out of electronic billing saves 51 million Euro every year. It would also save 2.3 million paper sheets.
Under the new law, suppliers must submit and transact their receipts electronically via a general entry point for electronic invoices to be used by all Administrations.

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EESPA partners with the E-invoicing Platform

October 15, 2013  |  Electronic Invoicing, Europe

EESPA, The European E-invoicing Service Provider Association, and the E-invoicing Platform, the biggest online community of e-invoicing professionals have closed a deal that allows EESPA to profit from the benefits that the E-invoicing Platform has to offer. The deal also benefits the E-invoicing Platform as the EESPA provides relevant in depth content and discusses on the development of e-invoicing in Europe.

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