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OpusCapita buys Norian Group, becomes major financial accounting service provider

The acquisition is aimed at setting new standards for financial processes. OpusCapita, with operations in nine European countries, has a strong vision and competence in providing financial processes for its customers, either outsourced or as a service. Norion Group has worked towards redefining accounting by creating a new, unique value offering particularly for small and medium-sized businesses.

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Charles Bryant: bridging the cultural e-invoicing gap between EU and LATAM?

On the Tungsten Blog, Charles Bryant posted an interesting article about the way e-invoicing is excuted in Mexico. As the title suggests, Charles Bryant carefully explores whether Europe should follow this approach.
All in all it is intriguing to ask whether the current path of EU liberalised e-invoicing (without B2B mandates) should perhaps be flipped for a path where mandated e-invoicing and fiscal efficiency go hand in hand.

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Basware delivers e-invoicing services in Denmark to global brewer

September 1, 2014  |  Electronic Invoicing, Europe

Basware has expanded its relationship with a major global brewer and signed an agreement for the delivery of e-invoicing services in Denmark. The agreement is an extension to the current e-invoice sending solution that provides a fully outsourced service including printing and activation services. The value of the agreement is EUR 600,000 over three years.

Esa Tihilä, CEO, Basware Corporation:

  • “Our customer sends more than 200,000 invoices around the globe annually and is outsourcing the sending of them to Basware to manage on their behalf, allowing the customer to concentrate on their core business.”
  • “Where necessary, we will print the invoices for their customers who cannot yet receive e-invoices and in the process enable even more of their customers to adopt and reap the benefits of e-invoicing quickly and easily and generate more value through their participation across the Basware Commerce Network.”
  • “We are pleased to continue our relationship with our customer and to further expand support to their financial operations and continue to improve their core financial processes.”
The second European Multi-Stakeholder E-invoicing Forum is a fact!

The second European Multi-Stakeholder E-invoicing Forum is a fact!

In 2010 the European Commission decide to set up the European Multi-Stakeholder Forum on Electronic Invoicing. The mandate for that forum was applicable until the end of 2013.
The Commission decided some two months ago there should be a second European e-invoicing forum building on the achievements of the first forum, previous activities, existing work and solutions.

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Murcian Health Service ready to receive e-invoices via EDICOM

Through the Murcia Region portal, the Murcian Health Service now offers its suppliers a platform for the processing of invoices by electronic means, fulfilling the criteria of Law 25/2013, such as the receipt of invoices in Facturae 3.2 format and the creation of a general point of entry for invoices, where the documents will be received and registered.

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Italy publishes clarifications on their e-invoicing regulations

August 18, 2014  |  Compliance, Electronic Invoicing, Europe, Legal

Circular 18/E of June 24, 2014 contains important clarifications and some simplifications to the electronic invoicing procedure. In particular, the Italian Revenue Agency has defined the concept of “business control” for the first time: a system to guarantee the main requirements of the authenticity, integrity and legibility of an electronic invoice.

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Calculating the ROI for EDI

Research makes clear that most of the pressure to adopt EDI comes from customers towards suppliers. Higher ROI is in second place. For SME suppliers this can be tricky. Big customer sets EDI as mandatory requirement to do business but technical understanding what EDI means practically and what the benefits of using EDI are not clear.

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Slovenia is next EU state to mandate B2G e-invoicing in 2015

August 9, 2014  |  Electronic Invoicing, Europe, Government

Slovenian government, national chamber of commerce, tax administration and banks have agreed about the national e-invoice standard (eSlog XML), which is based on international GS1 standard with PDF visualization. So no UBL and/or PEPPOL here!

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HighJump Software Acquires Atlas Products International, Expands Global Trading Partner Network in Europe

Michael Cornell, CEO of HighJump Software: “Atlas offers a unique set of solutions that allow companies to more efficiently transact business electronically and compete more effectively in a connected marketplace. This acquisition extends our global trading partner network, both functionally and geographically, and complements our existing HighJump B2Bi business which leads the market in Denmark and Nordic region of Europe and our TrueCommerce trading partner integration network in North America."

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Electronic signatures still required in B2G e-invoicing in Spain [guest post]

Before Directive 2010/45/EU e-invoicing in Spain mandated that bills to be signed with a qualified electronic certificate, using a secure signature-creation device; hampering the adoption of electronic invoicing in Spain. However to date the Spanish e-procurement law still requires qualified e-signatures. So how does this add up?

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