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Accelya provides efficient e-invoicing for TourCom Travel Management

May 27, 2014  |  Adoption, Electronic Invoicing, Europe

Because all companies, whether large or small, need to optimize their costs and productivity, TourCom, the second largest network of travel agencies in France, is now offering its agencies and their business customers access to tax-compliant electronic invoicing, thanks to the expertise and the wealth of experience that ACCELYA has in the field of electronic invoicing.

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Bitkom wants their members to adopt the ZUGFeRD e-invoicing standard

German ICT industry association Bitkom encourages their businesses members to adopt the ZUGFeRD standard for electronic invoicing, says Heise Online. Bitkom wants the EU to promote the take-up of ZUGFeRD.
ZUGFeRD is based on the XML-Format Cross Industry Invoice developed by the United Nations' CEFACT. These automated processable XML data can be embedded into human readable PDF/A-3- documents.

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Italy shortens its mandatory B2G einvoicing implementation deadline

As of June 6 2014, electronic invoicing will be mandatory for Italian ministries, the Tax Agency and state security bodies, as well as their suppliers. Other public agencies and their suppliers will have to join nine months later. So, the rollout of electronic invoicing in the Italian Public Sector will be completed by 31 March 2015. The initial deadline for switchover completion was 6 June 2015, one year after the first stage was started up. However, the Decree-Law issued on 24 April in the Official Gazette brought this period forward two months.

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What is really the importance of e-invoicing to improve company’s O2C process?

May 20, 2014  |  Adoption, Electronic Invoicing, Europe

E-invoicing seems to be a commoditised offering – less and less service providers are talking only about e-invoicing and everybody are trying to have wider offering. OpusCapita has conducted a market Survey in March 2014 in order to find out the importance of e-invoicing compared to other topics inside company’s O2C process. Finance people from 450 companies in Nordic were interviewed.

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Snow Byte & the Seven Formats: A Digital Alzheimers Fairy Tale [video]

May 19, 2014  |  Adoption, Digitalisation

The wish for digitisation and its adoption initiatives are of course very important. But measured over the time it is perhaps even more important to ask how we can ensure that we can continue to make use of digitises information in the very future?
Not important, do you think? Then you'll be disappointed. It is a already becoming a widespread problem. Just take a look at this Youtube video.

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UK E-invoicing Debate Takes Off after a Government Inquiry Report [download]

UK E-invoicing Debate Takes Off after a Government Inquiry Report [download]

A UK Government Inquiry Report into e-invoicing was recently launched by members of parliament, to look at how the technology could save the UK public sector money by enabling more efficient procurement and payment processes.
The report explores the benefits and barriers of E-Invoicing, how it is currently used in the private sector and in other countries. It proposes a series of recommendations that could be implemented by policymakers to encourage greater adoption.

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Philippines GSIS rolls out online billing and payment app

In July of this year GSIS, the Government Service Insurance System, (the agency responsible to provide and administer the social security benefits for government employees in the Philippines) will be launching an online billing and payment application.
The Electronic Billing and Collection System (eBCS) is a web-based application that will enable GSIS to send its billing statements for premium and loan amortisation to government agencies electronically, and accept payments online.

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Canada Post expects 50 per cent drop in mail due to rise of ebilling

It would be wrong to believe that mail will disappear entirely, Deepak Chopra (CEO of Canada Post) says, as items such as passports, health cards and birth certificates, which have no virtual equivalent, will still need to be sent via mail.
But much of the rest of Canada Post’s business will move to email, including most billing, he said. Canada Post is already trying to grab a piece of e-billing now, through its ePost online billing service.

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Telefonica Germany cuts paper use by 68% since 2010

April 25, 2014  |  Adoption, Electronic Invoicing

Telefonica Germany announced on Earth day that it reduced its use of printed sheets of paper by 13 million in 2013 compared with 2012. It said that in 2010, it used 1,817 tonnes of paper but this had fallen to 585 in 2013, a reduction of 68 percent.
Telefonica Germany is now switching to recycled paper and plans to cut its use of paper by another 10 percent in 2014 by using e-mail in preference to faxes and moving more and more O2 customers to electronic billing. Also staff will get digital pay slips from the end of May.

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44 of the best E-invoicing and AP automation news items in March 2014

We have gathered over fourty international news items, views and acquisition jubilee here at the E-invoicing Platform over the past couple of weeks - but if you missed it, the Monthly Recap of March 2014 is your humble servant.
Here’s every one of those stories from the entire month, waiting for you in an convenient format. So read what interests you, and then go out there and grab the benefits!

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