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Australia launches New Payments Platform

January 18, 2018  |  Australia, Cooperation, Payment

"You type their mobile phone number into your banking front end and the NPP resolves that phone number into bank account details it has stored. Then the payment goes through to that person's account in real-time."

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The state of E-Invoicing in Australia

September 26, 2017  |  Adoption, Australia, Electronic Invoicing

Some 1 billion invoices are exchanged in Australia on an annual basis; however only 10-15% of those invoices are e-invoices, with the rest remaining paper-based. So, why has the adoption of e-invoicing been so slow in Australia and APAC?

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CloudTrade partners with Valtatech, extending APAC presence

September 5, 2017  |  Asia, Australia, Cooperation, Electronic Invoicing

CloudTrade’s partnership with Valtatech will strengthen the business’s presence in the Australian, Asian and Pacific markets, enabling businesses of all sizes to adopt CloudTrade’s unique e-invoicing solution.

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EDICOM signs interoperability agreement in Australia and Brazil

March 23, 2017  |  Australia, edi, Interoperability

The interconnection agreement with the Australian company B2BE DE, marks yet another step forward in EDICOM’s consolidation as the EDI provider with a global coverage

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Australia’s first end-to-end UBL electronic invoicing experiment is a fact

February 23, 2017  |  Australia, Cooperation, Electronic Invoicing, UBL

Commonwealth Bank, Telstra and MessageXchange performed Australia’s first end-to-end UBL e-invoicing experiment with leadership from the Digital Business Council.

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Australia wants an e-invoicing interoperability framework. What’s your say?

The overarching strategy is to ensure that the entire business community has access to a range of competitive solutions able to exchange e-information. A nationwide framework will simply provide clear direction on how these solutions should work together.

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Basware signs EUR 2.5 million AP automation and e-invoicing deal in New Zealand and Australia

The agreement includes a license-based solution for invoice automation powered by Alusta, Basware's unified cloud-based platform for Purchase-to-Pay and services for receiving e-invoices and scanning paper invoices. Basware is helping the customer to activate their suppliers to send e-invoices and provides a portal for supplier collaboration. The value of the agreement is EUR 2.5 million over three years.

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Coca-Cola Partners with GXS to Collaborate with Major Foodstore Customers [Case study]

Coca-Cola Partners with GXS to Collaborate with Major Foodstore Customers [Case study]

Coca-Cola Amatil’s customers can now send documents and messages in whatever format they require. GXS carries out all the necessary translation. The GXS Enterprise System handles traditional EDI message management as well as e-mail and cutting-edge Web services technology. At the other end, the GXS Application Integrator translates Coca-Cola Amatil’s flat message files into the EDI and XML forms used by the trading partners.

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CSR allows OB10 to extend their e-invoicing network Down Under

August 23, 2012  |  Australia, Electronic Invoicing

CSR wants to be regarded as a company that is easy to do business with by its suppliers and e-Invoicing is a key part of this goal. That is why they decided to start with e-invoicing. For that they selected OB10 to offer electronic invoicing to its 10,000 suppliers.

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Basware closes deal with UnitingCare NSW.ACT Down Under

June 21, 2012  |  Australia, Invoice Automation

Basware has won a deal to deliver its Purchase to Pay solutions to UnitingCare. The value of the deal exceeds 400.000 Austrialian Dollar. The solutions will be implemented for UnitingCare’s services across the state of New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory

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