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Tunisie Telecom joins Tunisia TradeNet (TTN) e-invoicing network

February 20, 2017  |  Adoption, Africa, Electronic Invoicing

The Tunisia TradeNet (TTN) network is an electronic billing system that will facilitate customer transactions by providing them with a fast, zero-paper digital billing service.

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Kenya trained 4,000 suppliers on e-procurement tool to boost efficiency

July 7, 2015  |  Africa, Government, Purchase-to-pay

IFMIS Director Jerome Ochieng:“It is essential for suppliers to understand and make use of the system because going forward, procurement will only be undertaken through the system. he system allows users to post and process transactions in real time. This saves time and minimises errors."

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Telco shuts down e-billing portal because of security breach

A customer revealed that lack of proper security meant ANYONE could randomly access the confidential details of ALL the operator’s customers, including their itemised billing information!

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M(obile) reaches Africa’s small businesses

January 7, 2015  |  Adoption, Africa, Payment

In 2012, Africa’s mobile financial transactions reached USD 61 billion – more than Europe and North America combined and will be key to unlocking financial services to small business and farmers. Access to credit, or m-funding, will increasingly become a routine exchange between alternative financiers and business in Africa.

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Kenya launches online e-procurement system

Kenya launches online e-procurement system

August 19, 2014  |  Africa, Government, Purchase-to-pay

The Kenyan government has launched an online system for submitting and evaluating procurement applications in a bid. This is done in an effort to become more efficient and eliminate corruption. Subsequently the goal is also to slash long queues and processes that take time.

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News flash: Kenyan Water Bills to Be Sent Via Sms

The Kenyan Water and Sewerage Company will no longer send clients hard copy bills through the post office but will be sending it via text messages.In a notice issued by its management they stated to use e-billing via the mobile handsets or e-mails.The service begins in August. The company urged customers to update mobile phone numbers and other contacts in the company.

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South Africa rolls out Nationwide e-Billing and Payment Service in 2014

January 14, 2014  |  Adoption, Africa, Electronic Invoicing

BankservAfrica is rolling out South Africa's first bank-based electronic billing and payment service. BankservAfrica is wholly owned by South Africa's leading commercial banks and is the country's main automated clearing house. The new EBPP service is being introduced to consumers through connected online banks in 2014.
Initially BankservAfrica is making the service available to consumers via the participating banks, with plans to address the needs of corporates and business users at a later stage. Two of the largest municipalities in South Africa have already connected to the service, for the delivery of local taxes and charges, with the imminent launch of a range of retail billers via Nedbank.

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Ariba believes that being part of SAP will add value to businesses across Africa

June 10, 2013  |  Adoption, Africa, Uncategorized

The Ariba business network connects 1.000.0000 suppliers and buyers across 190 countries and handles an whopping annual transaction volume of $450 billion. The Ariba management believes African businesses can leverage its platform as a resource to strengthen their procurement processes.
SAP/Ariba is not new to the African market. It has experience in dealing with established mining operations via its acquisition of procurement support organisation and eMarketplace-focused entity Quadrem in 2010.

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They exist. In Rwanda. The Electronic Billing Machines....

They exist. In Rwanda. The Electronic Billing Machines….

It may look sinister. But the Electronic Billing Machines (EBM's) are the latest ICT innovation that will help the Rwanda Revenue Autohority to improve its efficiency when it comes to VAT collecting and to combat VAT fraud.
Rwanda has just a mere 7000 registered VAT tax payers. Yet many of them use all sorts of tricks to evade remitting the 18% on the sale of every VAT-charged commodity.

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Gabon Telecom launches e-billing system

Gabon Telecom has launched a secure e-billing system for its business customers, Ecofin reports. Managing director Lhoussaine Oussalah said the e-billing system is free to use and meets customers' real needs by allowing them to receive their telecom bills more quickly. The system also enables customers to save the bills of the previous six months.

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